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2011/2012 Kits

August 11, 2011

Chelsea back in contention

There must be a rule that forces clubs to produce one shocking kit for every acceptable shirt they make

It looked like they weren’t playing this season, but Chelsea are right back in contention for the Crappiest Football Strip of the Season Award after launching their third kit for the 2011/12 season. The Blues shocked everybody earlier in the summer when they unveiled their away shirt and it was actually quite nice. But we should’ve known that they wouldn’t give up that easily and sure enough, they’ve put themselves right back in the mix. The Chelsea third kit will rival the Arsenal away shirt this season and could even give the keeper kits at Everton and Newcastle a run for their money. Some people made a big deal of Liverpool using blue (which looked as far from an Everton kit as you could ever imagine) on their third kit, but Chelsea’s new monstrosity does actually look like a Spurs shirt. Maybe they thought they could borrow Luka Modric for a few Champions League games and no one would notice.

But congratulations to Chelsea, just as we thought you may have been out of the business of making rubbish kits, you have proved us all wrong.

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  1. Liverpool are a joke – the tiniest bit of blue on their kit and they think they’re turning into Everton. Chelsea make Tottenham/Fulham shirt and we all just get on with it.

  2. CG

    Sky Sports made a slight deal over tottenham’s blue chelsea away shirt. It’s all a load of bull honkey though. United have a blue away, Arsenal have had white away shirts for years as have Forest.

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