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September 1, 2011

How will City fans react to Tevez now?

The endless parade that was the Carlos Tevez affair came crashing down around the Argentinian as no move materialised for him.  Tevez made it very very clear he disliked Manchester, that he would never want to return to Manchester and he wanted to leave to be near his family.  Tevez probably felt untouchable as every little demand he made to the club had them bending over backwards to help him, after all, he was their prize possession.

Everyone knows a team cannot challenge for anything without a goal scorer, and Tevez is a prime example of a goal scorer, but now City have a team full of goal scorers and have flashed the cash on one Sergio Aguero who has already shown he has more than enough in his locker to keep the fans happy.

It has emerged now that Tevez’s family have arrived in Manchester and that this means he is happier to stay… however, one has to ask, with all that money he has, why could this not have been done sooner? Is this just a publicity stunt to stop the fans getting on his back?

It will be interesting to see the reception he gets, providing he gets a game now.  I for one as a non city fan see the fantastic talent Tevez possesses, but I cannot help but feel he is just waiting to eject his toys from his very expensive pram again.

City now have more important things to worry about, like how many world class players can we possibly put on the bench for a laugh.  It is a squad game more than ever, maybe Tevez will get a run out in the Carling Cup?

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  1. CG

    Maybe it was his wife who didn’t like Manchester. In Argentina, Brazil and Spain she’s the equivalent of Cheryl Cole or Victoria Becks over here. In Manchester, maybe no one cared or knew who she was.

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