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October 25, 2011

With support like that, Wolves might as well play home games at the Hawthorns

The Wolves boss is spot on: the booing does not help

You can always rely on Mick McCarthy to tell it like it is. The Wolves boss has slammed some of the club’s fans for failing to get behind his players in their 2-2 draw with Swansea City at Molineux on Saturday. And like his team, Mick’s got a point. There were a lot of Wolves fans who were ready to jump on the players’ backs at the first opportunity and they got their wish, with two first half goals from the away side. Cue mass booing. The Swansea players were rubbing their hands with glee, thinking they’d secured their first away win of the season with just 35 minutes on the clock.

Every team has these so-called supporters: the self righteous, incoherently addlepated dullards up on their high horses, who are probably secretly glad when their team fails because it will give them ample opportunity to vent their fury on the terraces. You’ll hear people say that they’ve paid their money so they’re entitled to express their opinions. Sorry guys, but paying to watch football doesn’t give you a pass for being shit fans. The manager does not want you, the players do not want you and the proper supporters do not want you. Grimsby Town boss Rob Scott had it pretty much spot on: If you don’t like it, don’t jolly well come (well, something to that effect anyway).

When things aren’t going well on the pitch, of course the players and/or the manager has to carry the can. But the boo boys at Molineux need to hold their hands up for Swansea’s second goal at the weekend. Their whistling and jeering put the players on edge and definitely contributed to Joe Allen’s goal. But of course, the Wolves fans had paid their money, so why shouldn’t they kick their side’s already battered confidence into touch? No wonder the whole operation is crumbling with support like that. Those with the club’s best interests at heart would much rather have 15,000 fans there, all behind the team instead of a full house with half of them only there to offer their negativity to the cause. Mick McCarthy is dead right to give no credit to the supporters for Wolves’ fightback.

It is difficult not to feel an element of sympathy with the Wolves fans however. After all, they paid their hard earned money, stayed until the end, only to see Jamie O’Hara crack in a fine equalising goal and rob them of their chance to boo their side off the park at the final whistle. It is a shame being in the Premier League I suppose. Pop down to Home Park one afternoon if you ever need cheering up lads.


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Nottingham Forest fan and staff writer for FootballFansOnline


  1. We’re letting Mick know that we care because we don’t want to go down the same road as Forest over the past few years. How did you feel when you slid down the divisions? I bet you were cheering every kick, however misplaced; every goal your team conceded too eh? We deserve better than the crap we’re being served up at the moment, so please, spare us the self righteous, lower division fan indignation and concentrate on your own team instead.

    • John Davies

      What a load of bollocks, you are making an excuse because you are one of the morons that this article is about.
      This article sums up exactly what the true fans are thinking, you are letting Mick know that you care- utter, utter tripe, if you cared you would support the lads, when we go a goal down, support them, remember the Saints match when we were losing 6, and the fans were singing “there’s only one mIck McCarthy” and cheering the lads, that showed football what the Wolves fans are about, but the scum and I make no apologies for saying it, the scum on Saturday have tarnished the good name of “every” Wolves fan.
      But not in my name, I do NOT want to be associated with you. 

      • Well John, eloquently put but before you point the finger you should check whether I am a boo-boy or not, otherwise you make yourself look a mite stupid. 

        I’ve seen these slides before; we’re a club in turmoil and it’s because of McCarthy’s pigheadedness, poor selections and bizarre tactical ineptitude – not the fans. The fans don’t go out and play badly and they don’t pick the team or tactics either.

        We’ve seen too much negative football from McCarthy down the years and it’s only by luck that we’re still a premier league club. Paying customers want more for their money and who can blame them? It’s not the fans that will ruin the club, it’s the cost of supporting a premier league football club which a) doesn’t deliver the goods often enough, b) overcharges for tickets, food, etc and c) treats its bread and butter fans like monkeys. Times are hard and people can’t afford to waste money on below-par products any more.

        Sorry John, but you’re wrong to explode in my face like some sort of internet hand grenade. Mick has done good things at the club but he’s simply not good enough to take us forward as the past three seasons have proved. You can’t revel in the history of that day against Southampton (when Mick admitted he got it wrong; in fact when he was prepared to admit he got things wrong) because we live in the ‘now’ and for Wolverhampton Wanderers, the ‘now’ is abysmal.

    • CG

      I’m just not sure that booing your team will help them turn things around. No one ever won anything without their own fans on their side. I could understand if there’s a lack of passion out there from the players but you can’t say Wolves weren’t trying during that game.

  2. at last someone who notices it isn’t every wolves fan just the wolves ‘fans’ i’ve got a season ticket and would like it very much if all the dickheads who keep booing would just stop coming to the games, it’s not helpful, gives us a bad name and won’t attract any good players if all they hear about is the fans attacking the performance. it’s times like these where we need to be extra supportive to get us out of the rut not boo em when we’re not even 30 minutes in it’s just stupid. SHUT UP OR FUCK OFF!!!

    • John Davies

      Dale I agree 100% bud, these idiots are dragging the club down, not Mick, not TC, not Jez, not SM, but the so called “fans”, they are splitting the club right down the middle, they and they alone are ruining our club – we don’t need admin or anything else like it, because unless these idiots are stopped, then our club will cease to exist in the name has we know it and are proud of, players will not want to come to a club were has soon as they have an off day the fans will be on their backs and who treat the Manager like something under their shoes, they want change – but what self respecting guy would want to Manage a club with these has fans, remeber the scum that had a go at SJH a few years ago – wow they really are big, having a go at an old man, an old man who saved this club from going under.
      But hey, the real fans can hold our heads up high, because we WILL be here long after they have gone.

      We are Wolves………….

  3. GM

    Unfortunatly all clubs have “those guys” who just can’t wait to get a good boo off their chest!

  4. the past is the past and can take care of itself! in 2years we have not progressed un mad mick 2 points better off than this time last year???!!! we have needed a centre half and left back,striker and decent centre mid since jan! 14players went in the summer 3 came in 1 a freebie so the squad dwindles but he say” we av got a better team, we do not need any players”????? really so u really do believe the team that almost went down in may will finish mid table?? deluded he has lost the plot,he needs to go its the future of the club i worry about with him in charge,leavin milijas and gudieora out drop henry and ohara who are not performing,he is too scared or is just blindingly loyal to his favourite under performers! he shud av gone last oct but scraped thru,what good is a new stadium when we are entertaining brighton and millwall and the likes??!!simply put for 3 years we av not improved,stoke in 3 years av spent well,bought decent players,got into europe progressed and made europe,qpr are new to the prem and are buyin quality and the game against us saw them play us off the park!!! so no he has to go, and i have been going for 26yrs this year,yes i have seen worse but this is a great historic club who we are told all the time is a sleeping giant,well with mick in charge this giant will continue to snore!

  5. bennicholas300

    i think part of the problem is that mick and roger johnson are having a bit of a p.r. nightmare with the fans, its like a slanging match on the terraces that then spills over onto the newspapers the next day by the manager and captain having a swipe back. i’m 100% behind McCarthy but his sarcastic and snide comments aren’t clever in the circumstances and have just served to make the divide between him and the boo boys even greater. it’s all a bit of a mess really.

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