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May 14, 2012

Agüero, it’s up for grabs now…

Sergio Aguero's very own Michael Thomas Moment – image from

An unbelievable climax to the league season as Sergio Agüero had his very own ‘Michael Thomas Moment’ to give Manchester City their first title since 1968. Probably the most dramatic event in Premier League history and the most exciting finish to a league season since 1989, when Michael Thomas scored for Arsenal in injury time at Anfield to take the title from a stunned Liverpool side. Although Papiss Cissé or Peter Closed My Eyes and Swung a Boot Crouch may disagree, Agüero’s strike in the fourth minute of added time at the Etihad Stadium should probably have been considered as a candidate for goal of the season, if only for the sheer magnitude of the goal.

When Fernando Torres scored was presented that goal by one of the most overrated goalkeepers in European football, people were blurting out nonsense along the lines of “he’s just justified his transfer fee there and then”. Not wanting to take too much away from El Niño, Chelsea were already heading through to the Champions League final at that point and the ridiculous attempt at a save by Victor Valdés was less than pathetic. Of course there will always be people out there who will argue that no player is ever going to be worth €45million. But you’d have to admit, Kun Agüero’s title-winning strike, bringing him to 23 league goals and nine assists for the 2011/12 campaign, has set him well on the way to repaying his transfer fee to Manchester City. The Argentine international has enjoyed a magnificent début season with City, right up until the very last kick of a ball, and the fact that Kyle Walker was voted Young Player of the Year over Agüero is nothing short of astonishing. But well done to Spurs anyway – a fantastic season to finish as runner-up to Bronze.

As mentioned at the end of the film Fever Pitch, you don’t get many ‘Michael Thomas Moments’ in football and Sergio Agüero’s goal is one that will live long in the memory, topping even Mario Balotelli’s ‘Why Always Me?’ celebration! Congratulations to Barclays Premier League champions Manchester City. Well deserved.

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  1. GM

    I’m still not buying into your theory that Crouchy swung a boot at it, you can tell by the way he shapes up and leans into the shot, not to mention the follow through, he was trying to angle that into the far corner.

    • CG

      Well it’s stoke city and it’s important to find fault in anything they do. I probably wouldn’t be as keen to take it away from him if he played for any other side in the Prem. But he has pretty much closed his eyes and swung wildly at it. Unfortunately he got a sweet connection and it flew in and then for many people he became a decent footballer who should be going to the Euros. He meant it, but then, he didn’t really mean it. Not in the way good players mean to score goals. The likes of Zidane, Ronaldinho and Van Basten would score goals like that week in, week out. Crouchy’s was a lucky 1 in a million shot. A video compilation of Crouchy missing absolute sitters would be about four or five times longer than his greatest goals collection. These are facts. And he fouled Garry Barry in the build-up so it shouldn’t have counted. 

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