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March 8, 2012

Clubs take note: Be more like Manchester City (on the internet anyway!)

It is 2012, the internet is fast becoming the place to watch TV, videos and get our news.  And of course waste a bucket load of time.  As a non City fan it puzzles me why more clubs do not try and bridge that gap between players, staff and fans in the way that Manchester City have.

Watch behind the scenes stuff

City are active on twitter – as are a lot of clubs, but the most awesome thing I have seen when it comes to club-fan relationships is “Inside City” on YouTube, it is literally a behind the scenes set of videos recorded on a regular basis showing everything from training to bloopers to interviews.  Where else will you see Joe Hart scoring an overhead kick , only to  be outdone by Richards?  How about gaffa-at-the-time-Hughes with an absolute textbook volley in training?

I would love to see more clubs take the time to post up random stuff like this on the internet, I have literally spent hours watching this stuff, now, if only it wasn’t City!


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One Comment

  1. CG

    Yeah, those videos are great! How about Super Mario scaring the City press officer? 

    As for those other ones in training, i think Richards might have done a Roon and shinned it! But Mark Hughes’ volley was a beaut. 

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