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April 13, 2012

God did not give you six studs to wrap around someone else’s knee. But the FA deem that kind of behaviour acceptable

The FA has announced that this kind of tackling is absolutely fine – image from

The FA announced on Tuesday that savage, potentially leg-breaking tackling is perfectly fine in the Premier League. Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli will face no retrospective action for his stamp on Arsenal’s Alex Song on Easter Sunday at the Emirates. Referee Martin Atkinson reported that he had in fact seen Balotelli’s challenge and adjudged it to be satisfactory, ruling out the prospect of further FA action against the City player. For anybody to deem that kind of tackling acceptable is staggering. There is simply no debate here: he should have been sent packing.

Earlier in the season, Super Mario was given a four-game ban for an apparent stamp on Scott Scotty Parker. Admittedly, when watched in slow motion, that incident looked bad for the City striker. But you could still argue that the retrospective action taken by the FA was harsh, since only Balotelli really knew if he set out to hurt Scotty. Yes, it looks bad, but there was still no way anyone could say absolutely yes or no on this one. So, many people will be left scratching their heads as to how Balotelli’s possibly accidental challenge on Parker warranted a four-match ban, while his thoughtless, definitely intentional stamp on Alex Song was regarded a perfectly good tackle by the powers that be.

QPR midfielder Shaun Derry has hit out at the FA after they rejected his appeal against his sending off at Old Trafford on the same afternoon. Derry was of course unfairly sent packing thanks to blatant a dive by Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young, who was incidentally, offside at the time of the “offence” anyway. Anyone other than Sir Alex Ferguson or the FA would surely have to agree that this “foul” and red card should not stand? It was yet another remarkable decision from the governing body of English football, while no reason was given as to why Derry’s appeal was turned down. The only thing you can conclude is that the FA is sending a clear message: diving is to be encouraged, while dangerous and brutal tackling is also welcome in the Premier League. Maybe the FA just felt sorry for Mario ‘Why Always Me’ Balotelli and City, with the big-spending club’s title aspirations looking doubtful.

With all the clamouring for technology, managers and supporters do accept that referees are not out to get them. Well, some of them do, some of the time. They are able to acknowledge that Lee Mason and Martin Atkinson made honest mistakes at Old Trafford and the Emirates respectively. With the tempo of a Premier League football match, the odd lapse can be understood, if not condoned. But for a group to watch these incidents back, in slow motion, time and time again, and still come to the same ludicrous conclusions is incredible. Are they deliberately trying to get a rise out of everyone?

What do the officials at the FA even talk about all day? It certainly doesn’t seem to be the small matter of the vacant England managerial post and how they can go about topping the last spectacular cock-up.

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Nottingham Forest fan and staff writer for FootballFansOnline


  1. CG

    Which one of these tackles is worthy of a red card? You even get to watch them as many times as you want before you make a decision.

    • Caleb, you anti City tool, choosing two City players, how about Roy Keane on Alfe Inge Halaand or the Arsenal player who broke another players leg.

      Two faced pompus hypocrites, ye you seem to forget your own clubs dirty tackles and nasty players easily enough. One kind I hate worse than a liar, is a fecking hypocrite.

      • CG

        Again, you’ve missed the point i’m afriad. I put those pictures up to demonstrate that i’m not anti-City at all. If you knew me, you’d know that i actually quite like City and i’m a big fan of Mario Balotelli. But I say things how i see them, whether it’s my team (which is not Arsenal or Manchester United by the way) or anyone else’s. And the fact is, no one in their right mind can defend that tackle from Balotelli. I’m giving two examples from this season where, in my opinion, the referees and then the FA got it wrong. Both happen to involve City – they were let off one and hard done by in the other. 

        And yes, for the record, Roy Keane’s tackle on Alfie Haaland was one of the worst in the history of the Premier League, if that makes you feel better.

        • CG

          Just to further clarify, Kompany should not have been sent off – it wasn’t even a foul. The FA should have rescinded his card on appeal but got it wrong. Balotelli’s stamp on Song should have been a red card. The FA should have taken retrospective action once they’d seen the footage played back. You may find it tough to take, but believe it or nor, the whole world is not out to get Manchester City. This article is having a dig at the FA, not City.

      • CG

        Where’s all this lying and hypocrisy by the way?

  2. God didn’t give us Studs you uneducated prik, Cornelius Johnson in 1525 made the first ever pair of football boots, Puma then invented the first screw in studs launched in 1948.

    • CG

      You’ve clearly missed the point. ‘God did not give you studs…’ is actually a quote from Brian Clough. But thanks for the history lesson. Good to see people are still making use of Ask Jeeves.

    • Ballpoint_Pen_2

       Miss the point much?
      Also – it’s spelt “prick”

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