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June 1, 2012

Liverpool fans who disagree with the appointment of Rodgers are living in the past

Liverpool have announced their new manager, ex Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers.  This appointment has been met by mixed views – most think this is a good signing, but the people who say “no, we need an experienced manager” are maybe living in the past and need to get used to the fact that Champions League football is a goal, not a given like it used to be.  With clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and even Newcastle and Tottenham pushing for these top 4 places, Liverpool should know that they are needing to fight for this prize.

Liverpool are a club with a massive history and in the past, played the best football.  Clearly things have de-railed since then but what better chance to take another shot at the big time than appointing  a young manager who commands a lot of respect, has proved himself, and should get Liverpool playing the sort of football that Liverpool fans want to see.

They have tried an experienced manager in Roy and for whatever reason that didn’t work out, that was in no way a testimony to Roy’s abilities as a manager, but more he wasn’t a right fit for the club at the time.  If the owner’s were not so hasty in getting rid of him I’m sure he could have turned it round.

The new and the old – image from the Guardian

They then moved on to a club legend – the great King Kenny.  As a player for Liverpool he was one of the best, and as a manager he steadied the ship and saved them from a dark time.  Kenny was never going to be the long term answer, he knew this and so did everyone else.

So the last option once you have exhausted experience and club legends is to take a gamble, go for an up and coming new manager with solid foundations and philosophies.  Rodgers is exactly this, and not only that, but with no “Director of Football” above him to make decisions, he will have free roam to construct the club into an exciting ball keeping team.

The key to this appointment is to give him time.  Let him see out his contract regardless.  Champions League football within 3 years is a real achievement, but not likely after 1 season.  If the fans can understand this, especially with the other teams in the league improving dramatically, I have no doubt Rodgers will be a huge success at Liverpool.  But we all know how it is, fans want instant results – lets hope this doesn’t de-rail the growth of a new look Liverpool!

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  1. Oliver Davies

    Totally agree. Liverpool fans should remember that Man Utd’s rise to dominance did not occur overnight under Alex Ferguson – he was manager for seven years before he delivered them the title. But he built the foundations of continued success in that seven years (much as I hate to admit it!). We need to look at Rogers as a long-term commitment to bringing attractive, passing football back to Anfield and, beyond that, a commitment to returning the club to being a serious challenger for league honours….

    • GM

       Spot on.  If you can keep the ball as well as Swansea did under Rodgers, things will be looking up.  Very impressed with the way he has carried himself throughout the whole transition.  Let’s hope the knee-jerk reaction fans keep their mouths shut for a while!

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