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May 4, 2012

Rooney’s overhead kick wins “Premier League goal of 20 seasons” – Not convinced.

In case you hadn’t seen the voting, Wayne Rooney has won the award for the mouthful that is the “Premier League goal of 20 seasons” with his overhead kick shin against city.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had a 1/1000th of the skill that Wayne possesses, and it was a really great goal, but my issue is this: It wasn’t the best goal, It wasn’t even his best goal in my opinion (and yes, that is exactly what this is about).

Apparently goal of the last 20 years. It was good.. but really? (image from the BBC)

Rooney’s volley against Newcastle was in my opinion a much better strike by the England talisman, he knew exactly where he wanted to put it and hit the shot as sweet as you like.  The overhead kick, regardless of the sheer athleticism that went into that effort, it came off his shin, therefore, he didn’t mean it.  Sure he wanted it to go in, and that was the idea (otherwise he wouldn’t have even attempted it) but by the virtue of the ball striking his shin, it could have gone anywhere.

Maybe a lot of the votes were from people who are quite young and don’t remember the feeling when they saw the other goals go in?  Or all Manchester United fans? Paolo Di Canio’s outrageous scissor volley would be up there surely, and Bergkamp’s wonder goal where he span the defender the wrong way with an elaborate flick and calmly slotted it into the corner would be in contention (as it was it received 19% of the votes).

Too late too late will be the cry when Papiss' volley passes you by

In fact I believe that the other night Papiss Demba Cissé scored probably one of the best goals physics has ever seen, and 2 of the contenders for goal of the season in the same match.  I feel sorry for poor ol’ Crouchy after that.  Shame the voting was already closed by this point!

I don’t want to take anything away from Rooney on this one, he scored a goal which will go down in the memory of the Premier League for years to come, and certainly as far as theatrical finishes go, it is right up there.  But I have to wonder – were the people that voted it the greatest goal of the last 20 years the same people who said that Clint Dempsey shouldn’t be nominated in the team of the year?

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  1. CG

    Agreed – this is nowhere near the best Prem goal ever. It’s a decent enough goal in terms of skill, strength of opponent and importance of goal. But then there are so many great goals that have been forgotten – either because someone like Crouchy or the Roon swung a boot and overshadowed every other goal that month (and then Shearer, the biggest advocate of physicality and sheer power, selected it as GOTM) or because they were scored by less fashionable players/teams. I’m fairly sure it’s Shearer’s fault that no one can remember Johan Elmander’s stunning goal against Wolves. And at the end of the day, Rooney shinned it. 

    Based on technique, Di Canio’s was probably a better volley as was Bergkamp’s against Leicester and his other cracker at Newcastle. Or how about sublime individual goals like Bobby Zamora at St Andrews or Dalian Atkinson against Wimbledon? Kieron Dyer scored a wonder goal at Everton but unfortunately for him, it was in the same month that Di Canio volleyed in against Wimbledon so no one has ever seen it! Think of the goals that will be forgotten from this week after Cisse rattled in that screamer against Chelsea – Walker v Blackburn, Modric v Bolton, Di Santo v Newcastle and even Suarez v Norwich. 

    But these things are always popularity contests and you can’t really expect people to vote correctly. You’ll rarely see the best goal being voted in. Tell me how Beckham’s lob from the half way line was a contender, but Maynor Figueroa’s at the Britannia didn’t make the shortlist. I’m sure if you scour the archives, you’d find several better goals than the Roon’s shin against City. Or you could just check out Le Tiss’s top 10 on YouTube!

  2. I agree.  It came off his shin and it was also a crap build up.  Didn’t it start with a shocking bit of play from Rooney too?

    • CG

      Sure did. He was playing an absolute shocker and then picked up man of the match for that. Deflected cross as well. 

  3. GM

    Elmander’s goal was awesome, although the defending was a joke.
    This last few weeks has seen some amazing goals which would win most GOTM awards, well, until Cisse had his say!

    • CG

      The defending wasn’t a joke. They were just bamboozled by Elmander’s incredible skill! Yeah, the likes of Modric, Di Santo and Suarez are probably devoed about Cisse’s wonder strike. 

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