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June 14, 2012

What on earth are you doing to Spurs Mr Levy?

So, Harry Redknapp was denied a contract extension and has been “let go” by Tottenham. “Harry leaves Tottenham” would have been a headline a few months ago, assuming he was taking the England job, but now the ex Spurs boss finds himself without a job and this could be the start of a massive collapse for Tottenham.

Harry looks how Spurs fans feel right now. Image from the Telegraph

Before Redknapp arrived, Tottenham were an average middle of the road team always in the shadow of Arsenal.  Harry managed to turn the club around, sign some great players and get them playing some good football along the way.  For a long time this season they looked as if they would mount a serious title challenge, players sung praise for their manager and things were looking good.  The transition period from no-hopers to contenders, via the Champions League was not something many people saw coming. Now, with no Redknapp in charge – who will take on the responsibility?  They are some pretty big shoes to fill and I cannot see the likes of Adebayor, VdV, Bale or Modric staying at the club without Harry’s influence, they will be targets in the transfer window and whoever comes in to take the hot seat could find themselves without the best players to work with.

3 and a half years of progression down the pan, just like that.

So who are the contenders who can replicate and improve on Harry’s work at Spurs? Moyes, Martinez, AvB, Capello, and Benitez are all in the in “Managers who are out of work or did a good job so lets jump on the bandwagon” category.  Looking across the names in that list I would have to say the answer to that would be “none of them” – Harry achieved something remarkable for Spurs.

(Well, AvB could do a job for the simple reason he likes to rebuild a team, and he might have to if all the best players get snapped up from Spurs now!)

Jurgen Klinsmann’s name will of course be branded about because of his ties to the club, but will Spurs really go down the Liverpool route and get a club legend in? He could do a job I’m sure, but would he want to leave his post with the USA national team where he is currently transforming them into a real force? I know I wouldn’t want to.  Who in their right mind would want to take this job and know they will be judged within minutes as being “not as good as Harry”.

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  1. Our profile was increased by Jol… this is taking the next step, Levy will find us a manager who will take us to the next level.. This article is consistent on the shallow one dimensional people who see a few wins on the match of the day and think Harry is the saviour… From what I can see you dont even seem to be a Spurs fan, if this is true, how can you possibly pass comment?

    • CG

      Absolutely. Only Spurs fans are entitled to an opinion on this. Everyone else should just back off, focus on their own clubs and ignore everything that goes on in the footballing world that doesn’t concern them.

  2. GM

    Martin Jol did indeed have a good run with Spurs, finishing 5th twice in 3 seasons is a good return, then lets ignore when Ramos took over for a season. Harry then finished 4th twice in 3 seasons, and qualified for the Champions League (would have been twice if it wasn’t for Chelsea somehow winning it).  Harry also had a higher win percentage than Jol across his whole time at the club.

    So yes, the club is moving forward, you cannot deny that, but Harry has been one of your most successful managers since the 1980s. Especially when you consider the improvements across the other teams in the league as well who have had huge injections of cash.

    What you cannot deny is that Harry had a certain way with his players, a lot of them could possibly be sold to other clubs and this will take you more steps backwards than just losing a manager.

    Out of interest who would you propose that would be a better (and realistic) manager for Spurs to continue the progress?

    In regards to passing comment, what allows me to have an opinion is not being in any way a fan of Tottenham, it is partially based on facts, partiality on opinion.  Harry isn’t a saviour and also wouldn’t have won England Euro 2012. But he was one of your best managers, which is a fact.

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