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August 25, 2013

Hey Arsenal Fans – Spending Money = 3 Points right?

Up until now we have had Arsenal fans banging on about how they haven’t spent any money in the transfer window and that the only thing that will deliver success is money.  In week 1 Arsenal crumble to Villa and in week 2 free spending city go down 3-2 to free-spending-but-in-a-different-league Cardiff City. So what does this tell you? In science terms Money != 3 points and success.  The simple fact is we have been exposed to Arsenal fans ranting about not spending any money and how 1 defeat later they want Wenger out when really, is that the issue? Oh, they want a big money signing and a name to put on their shirts. Big Deal.

Lets ignore the fact that this is pretty much the same team as the same Arsenal team that finished the 2012/13 season with 1 loss in the last 16 Premier league games and won entry into Champions League football shall we? Because that seems to be irrelevant.

Money-Bags City fall to Premier League New-Boys Cardiff - Image from the BBC

Money-Bags City fall to Premier League New-Boys Cardiff – Image from the BBC


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  1. yesyesyesyes

    Spending doesn’t guarantee 3 points but gives us more chance to get 3 points… If you don’t spend, we are basically expecting Wenger to wave his magic stick on our current players and make them an amazing team that can actually win trophies which hasn’t happened in years…

  2. DoubleDoubleDouble

    It’s more to do with not having enough players in the squad, in order to cope with injuries and suspensions, than a big name signing.

    • GM

      exactly this.
      You need a deeper squad and not the shirt-seller name that some fans believe.

      Throwing money at the problem is not always a solution

  3. Ryaza

    I wonder if the media is going to lambast city, pellegrini & the shake for spending £100m and losing – doubt it but surely that’s more embarrassing!

  4. makesense

    You’re an ignoramus to think that Arsenal will be able to win the EPL with the current team they have. Signing quality players give you a better chance to challenge. Arsenal at best with this current squad is 4th/5th maybe worse. Man City at best is 1st and 2nd/3rd at worst with the squad they have.
    So shut the F*** UP! and expect that the TOOL you think is a manager will bring in quality additions that can help Arsenal win the league not just make the Champions League. Freaking Everton have made the champions league, so has Rubin Kazan. Its not so hard or special. Winning the title should be the priority. So quit your inane blogs because the squad is not equipped with enough quality nor depth as you deem it to be. Over the stretch of 38 games Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs will surely defeat us until this squad is strengthened. I knew one win would serve ‘crack-paperer’ and Wenger worshippers like the writer of this blog have already began sinking back into delusion. We need world class players!

  5. will

    Let’s look at an arsenal fan 1 little idea of football 2 spoilt brat 3 no loyalty 4 don’t understand what a hood club is better fans most other clubs

  6. GM

    the squad is a little thin yes, completely agree, this isn’t my point – but do you need to go out and sign “shirt names” for the squad necessarily? What does that achieve? – which lets be fair is the sort of players you have been linked with.

    It’s just amusing to watch the hate that circles around Arsenal from the so called fans for not spending money. Finishing 4th isn’t an achievement? Oh, when did you manage a team that finished 4th?

    Yes Rubin Kazan made CL football, but there are leagues outside of the England, Spain, Italy and Germany you know. Until the Champions League becomes an actual competition for “Champions” then you will always have the sort of teams you are shit talking about.

    I guess as an Arsenal fan you may not have seen the hate directed at the transfer policies, but you can’t argue with results and consistency. It may not be the sort of 1st place consistency you think you deserve, but you cannot deny that Wenger must know something about football.

    Would you rather see a depth of a squad or some big name big money egos?

    • DoubleDoubleDouble

      One of the issues is that we know roughly how much money is available, due to the publishing of the accounts.

      We know that we can shop in the ready made superstar bracket, but we don’t seem to be able to get the deals done for a variety of reasons, e.g. Higuain’s price being upped, Suarez and Bender’s clubs not willing to sell, etc. Most of the other names linked have mainly been press gossip, without any substance – we’d been linked to over 200 players before August!.

      Although buying a superstar doesn’t guarantee they will perform (Torres), it does lessen the concern that we will get another Santos, or Park, and players like Suarez can make a difference in tight games.

      We actually have the financial capability to see a stronger squad depth and have some big names as part of that depth.

  7. Tomas

    You my good sir are a cretin and your post is at a level of a twelve year old. In the event you are twelve years old , I will respond to it . There are no guarantees in sports or football for that matter, and games aren’t played on paper , in which case Man City should’ve won at Cardiff City, but rather on a football pitch where anything can happen ,which is why we love the game. Arsenal fans aren’t finicky or capricious , they just want what Wenger and Gazidis promised them( top signings)While an outcome of any single game is little more difficult to predict than that of the whole season, most Arsenal fans who don’t have their heads up their asses know that this squad isn’t strong enough to compete in some 56 games , four different competitions( plus international matches) and maintain the level of play that allows them to challenge for trophies , let alone winning them.

  8. Goon

    I think we’re all saying the same thing, but the point is that arsenal don’t deserve all of the negative attention they have received. Every team can always be improved (hence city spending £50m + per summer), some more than others and arsenal say they are still shopping…so lets keep calm

    Makesense – ur mom is embarrassed

    • makesense

      Troll(sorry Goon) your mother is immensely mortified. You should be quiet if you cannot contribute meaningfully. Your silence would have made a lot more sense than your senseless post.
      ‘they are still shopping’…they have had 86 days prior to shop. They only have 6/7 days left. Does Arsenal look like a club that seriously wants to win trophies or end their trophy drought? I beg to differ not with this squad and a manager that still claims the squad is full of quality in press conferences. I refuse to be a fool. Amongst the first 4/5 clubs we are the club that needs the most strengthening quality and depth wise. We cannot compete with the big 3 (Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City) for the title. So in addition to marquee signings we also need numbers too. The club can achieve both by spending on a number of high quality players better than the ones we currently possess. Players like Ozil, Mata, Kondogbia etc are readily available to bolster the midfield. There is no need to be calm anymore. I have been for the past 86 days of the window. Maybe you are ok with the club failing again for the 9th straight year. I am not and I am outspokenly candid in saying so. I am not ok with an Arsenal that comes 4th or 5th. I want an Arsenal that is the BPL champion. Btw…my mom is highly laudful of me. So F*** you. And F*** you Troll(i mean Goon) for being in favour of a mediocre Arsenal.

  9. Lenni

    Spending money does not guarantee 3 points but gives you a good chance of winning the league. It is simply delusional to think Arsenal can win the league with this team.IMHO Arsenal and Wenger deserved all the negative opinion .We are Arsenal not WestHam. We expect to be challenging for the league not 4th place. It is Wenger supporters that are holding the club back more than Wenger. He has brainwashed you all. . Win against Fulham does not change anything. The team is not good enough. We will only progress as club if Wenger and Gazidis go for good.

  10. Goon

    Makesense – you talk a good game ‘I beg to differ’ ‘I refuse to be a fool’ …blah mate, what are you actually going to do about it? Nothing!! What does your outspoken-ness really achieve? Nothing! Do u think anyone is actually really listening to you, especially at arsenal?? Ur not ivan or arsene so its all blah

    I’m only in favour of supporting arsenal football club…suggest you pick up the dictionary and define ‘support’ …

  11. Dog

    It is not ‘1 defeat later’ it has been 8 years without winning any competition that has fans annoyed.
    During the much talked about run of games did we beat a single top 4 team? No!
    Did we beat a top 4 team all season? No!
    Did we hang on by the skin if our teeth against mid and low table teams? Yes!
    Did we scrape a victory against a 10 man team and spend the last 20 minutes mostly in our box? Yes.
    This team is paper thin, 2 injuries and what happens because we simply don’t have any cover.
    Wenger has won nothing for 8 years, try doing that well and being an also ran in your job for 3 months and see where it gets you.

  12. Goon

    There’s a simple solution to fans who have had enough of arsenal and the 8 yrs blah…support another team, like tottenham.

    If ur in a relationship that isn’t giving you what you want, leave. In the end it’s best for everyone

  13. Jre

    If Arsenal spent 100M and lost to cardiff, the fuss about the loss to aston villa would be a celebration in comparison to the outrage the manager and club would face from the media and sadly so, from their own fans.

  14. Samgunz

    Well said Jre

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