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January 5, 2013

Ohhh Robin Van Persie…

RVP fires United level at Upton Park - image from

RVP fires United level at Upton Park – image from

Ok, you may well be a Manchester United fan. If not, chances are, you hate Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils. But even the most die hard City or Liverpool supporter would have to agree that Robin Van Persie’s last gasp equaliser against West Ham this evening was just phenomenal. First, the darting run for Ryan Giggs to pick him out was fantastic. But then, to pluck the ball out of the sky at that height, at that speed, as if it were flat as a flitter was sublime. Once Van Persie got beyond James Tomkins there was no doubt as to where the ball was ending up – even on his “weaker” right foot. Had that been a Premier League game, Luis Suárez and Theo Walcott may well have just seen their chances of winning Goal Of The Season vanish into thin air.

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini said recently that United’s Dutch marksman could well prove the difference between the two sides in the race for the Premier League title this season. Spot on. RVP has carried over his form from Arsenal last season to Old Trafford in a seamless transition and is arguably looking an even better player than he was for the Gunners. After all, he only finished third last season. This season, he’s top at Christmas. And after saving his team this evening in the FA Cup at Upton Park, Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie’s treble dream remains very much alive.

What a hit son.

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  1. Nut only robin vanpersie but robin van pepe. Wat a smetin guy. Infact i dunt know wat tu tipe agan. Vanvanvan pepe. Lo0o0ºººº.

  2. Jan

    He is amazing and it hurts a danish gooner to see him lift an average team to the top. Arsenal this year is better than last – with RVP they would have been top of the league.

    But hey – who wants renegades? Players who leave a top 4 club to win trophies rather than help to win trophies with the club they’re are at – it’s just too much to take.

    Top players these days look for clubs to bring them glory – they do not look to bring glory to their clubs…. It’s sickening and it is caused by silly wages and I am not going to debate the cause of that plague even if it is obvious…. Look at the economic situation in Europe…. Look at Walcotts demands…. This has to stop. Play football to win for your club, please. It’s your job.

    • haider

      spot on JAN, you have hit the nail on the head with the right answer to those who ; as you said are going to the club of glory, their idea was pathetic. any how we can do better without them.

  3. I think you will find ARSENAL finished 3rd

  4. The BearMan

    We consider players assets when they follow along as sheep, they must not voice their opinions. For seven seasons Wenger if truth were told got it miserably wrong. Most of his additions to the team weaken the squad not improved it. Which other club would have allowed Wenger this long period of time to experiment and sell off it’s better players. An 8th season and he is still tinkering.

  5. danny

    I hate Robin.we made him,took him in when he was nothing,carrying a long term injury.Arsenal spoonfed him then gives us one season as a player then ducks to manure utd.he’s a traitor and l wish him all the bad luck in his life and hopefully he picks up a serious knee injury or someone breaks his leg.l am very bitter with a sour taste in my mouth.l hate him

  6. The BearMan

    What a very sad comment!

    Players and clubs have what is known as a contract for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years. Better put an exchange of services. For representing and wearing the team shirt for a period of time, the club will in kind give the sum of x, y or z. If at such a time we opt to terminate or renew another agreement. This term is discussed and worded in the contract so that both parties are satisfied.

    In no way either party offers their services as a life time bond otherwise players like Squallaci will be sitting on the Arsenal bench for the end of time. Now with RvP n Arsenal enjoyed a mutual agreement. Arsenal had a choice however, either to make certain RvP run down his contract and leave on a free or pocket £24M. It is on record we chose the wonga.

    We all do the same in our course of employment. Leave one employer for another for a better wage and job prospect. Tell me what makes it different for a footballer? Only fans demand a Loyality contract that only exist in our heads. We also do not know want most times. A few months ago they wanted to see the back of Walcott, now he is a hero. When RvP delivered his carefully worded statement and challenged the ambition of Arsenal, there was hardly a silent fan wanting him out. The wise board and manager could not resist the Red Devil’s monies. Now the man is doing the same for them what he did for us. Why the hate? Wish the man well! How is the club/manager going to use that money?

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