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August 20, 2013

Telling it as you see it = Improper conduct. The Gospel according to the FA

Holloway was unhappy with the refereeing during his side's 0-1 defeat to Spurs

Holloway was unhappy with the refereeing during his side’s 0-1 defeat to Spurs

So, it didn’t take long. Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway has been charged with improper conduct by the FA following comments made about match officials after his side’s opening weekend defeat against Tottenham Hotspur. The Eagles boss has found himself in hot water as a result of “his behaviour in or around the match officials’ changing room at the end of the game”, while Holloway’s post-match media comments apparently brought the game into disrepute. Deary me.

Ok, we can’t be sure what exactly went on between Ollie and the officials after the game and he may well have been out of line. But pulling him up for what he’s said to the media is incredible. Football managers are obliged to speak with the media but it seems that as soon as they say something approximating an opinion, they’re going to find themselves reaching for their wallets. It makes you wonder what the FA might try next to raise a bit of extra cash. Perhaps they could shove a swear box by the dugouts of Premier League grounds up and down the country? It would also be nice if the match officials were also able to come out and speak to the media. At least if they were given the platform to explain their decisions, managers and players would at least understand the reasoning behind the officiating. Of course, there’d still be endless disagreements – the losing team will always have something to moan about because the ref was out to get them, of course – but at least we’d all be a bit more clued up on what goes on down on the pitch.

Unfortunately, we all know that the swear box idea is probably more likely.

Having said all that, Holloway should get over it and move on. Stonewall peno – it’s not all a conspiracy to keep “certain clubs” from taking a hard-earned point from a severely dull and hugely uninspiring performance.

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  1. Matt

    If you think it was a penalty you don’t understand the rules of the game. Clearly not intentional

    • CG

      I’m not sure it’s as straightforward as ‘intentional = penalty; unintentional = no penalty’. The refs will also take into account whether the arm is in an unnatural position, if the offending player moved their hand towards the ball or whether they were simply protecting themselves.

      Either way, describing it as a stonewall penalty was more of a throwaway comment than the underlying point behind the article. Whether or not it was the correct decision, it seems wrong that you’ll be punished for ranting to the media.

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