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March 14, 2015

Edit: While we at languages: I thought the simultaneous

As was stated, there are two opportunities throughout the day to shoot during magic hour. Both sunrise and sunset create beautiful light, but there is something about morning light that is less foggy and adds a dewy, soft look to photos. The evening light is still beautiful though and casts a stronger warm hue on its subjects.

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Usually you can find a 25 meters long, but that not the same as a 50m one. Your training will be subpar by a lot. And then you have the worst case scenario: Equestrian sports. There are shows who do this, or who make up an entirely new language Brick is a great movie for this reason alone and the genre itself lends itself well to convoluted and obscure phraseologisms and vocab. But here, the intent just isn that the show is going at breakneck speed already and obfuscating the dense information presented to us by changing around the lingo might just not be that enjoyable.Still fascinating how much people don care (and mostly don know) about the differences in speech while visual clues can be very obvious.Edit: While we at languages: I thought the simultaneous interpreting session in the first episode was amazing, despite it being pretty ridiculous. There are people who can do stuff like this, but the way it played out was really entertaining and I liked how midge challenged her at a very different skill from doing stand up.

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