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January 8, 2015

Find someone with a “life sucks” perspective and you will find

You have to come out a power play with some excitement but didn get that done in the third. ‘n that: Tryout forward Chris Kelly continues to skate with the Oilers but when they go on the road, he goes home to Ottawa and skates with Carleton University, coached by ex Oiler Shaun Van Allen. Kelly is still here for a reason and an extra body if the Oilers decide to make roster moves Draisaitl doesn have a single power play point this season, all eight of his points have been even strength Jesse Puljujarvi got his first goal in Bakersfield on Wednesday in a win over the Manitoba Moose Bakersfield sent Russian defenceman Ziyat Paigin to Wichita in the ECHL with Ryan Stanton joining the AHL team.

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