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June 27, 2015

Further points over a fourth category climb are only for the

If history is corrected by way of overwriting it then it broken, as changing it would/should break the entire chain and invalidate all blocks after that changed block.This is why you don just get current state from the blockchain instead of syncing current state, you replay the blockchain to obtain it, validating state at each block.To date, all of the largest blockchains have applied new current state ( along with possible truncation of history in some cases ) on top of history to correct some occurrence of the past which impacted a subset of the ecosystem negatively. This is the experimental phase we are in with this technology right now and objective bystanders are not under the illusion that people should suffer irrevocable losses due to mal intent or negligence of a few oversights from very tired coders. 0 points submitted 1 month agoTo date, all of the largest blockchains have applied new current state ( along with possible truncation of history in some cases ) on top of history to correct some occurrence of the past which impacted a subset of the ecosystem negativelyComplete bullshit.

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wholesale nfl jerseys A few of the toughest climbs were originally given different individual points scales, and were thus listed as “uncategorised” (Hors catgorie, a term that has since passed into the French language to refer to any exceptional phenomenon); however, since the 1980s in fact the hors catgorie climbs have been given a single points scale and effectively became cheap nfl jerseys, despite the name, just a top category above category 1. In 2004, the scoring system was changed such that the first rider over a fourth category climb was awarded 3 points while the first to complete a hors catgorie climb would win 20 points. Further points over a fourth category climb are only for the top three places while on a hors catgorie climb the top ten riders are rewarded. wholesale nfl jerseys

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