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December 4, 2015

Some people are very open, while others swear they have been

Cyber gangs catch Internet porn watchers

A pornography consumer who called the police in cheap canada goose uk tears is among hundreds of Australians whose computers have been hacked by cyber criminals while viewing adult websites.

According to Fairfax, foreign gangs have buy canada goose jacket been holding porn consumers ransom after infecting their PCs with viruses known as which includes the and viruses.

The hackers then demand the victims pay a fine of canada goose coats $100 Canada Goose sale or $199 using a credit card or money transfer service.

They are threatened that if they don pay the fine within 72 hours, data files on the computer can be encrypted or wiped.

But even if canada goose outlet online uk a consumer pays a ransom for this kind of attack, it no guarantee they will regain control of their computer.

There has reportedly been a flood of calls from victims to the police and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

taken some very interesting calls. Some people are very open, while others swear they have been hacked while using Facebook. We had one guy who canada goose outlet jackets was almost in tears because they were Canada Goose online caught canada goose outlet in their underpants, a police source told Fairfax.

AFP cybercrime operations manager Commander Glen McEwan said the Australian Federal Police does not solicit funds and that these threats are not associated with the AFP.

The AFP were last canada goose outlet year forced to issue a similar warning about a cyber attack from hackers claiming to be from the AFP after an epidemic of attacks swept across the world.

Commander McEwan urged victims to report any cyber canada goose uk outlet fraud to goose outlet canada the ACCC website SCAMwatch.

This comes after two South Australian businesses reported being victims of an Internet extortion scam, prompting a police warning over attacks, in December.

is a type of malicious software (malware) used to lock a cheap Canada Goose compromised computer often encrypting data on the system canada goose outlet online and preventing it being accessed by its rightful owner, police said at the time.

a system has been accessed and compromised, the criminal behind the malware will demand payment to unlock canada buy canada goose jacket cheap goose outlet reviews or decrypt the data. year there was a spate of Internet extortion canada goose outlet attempts reported to police, where hackers steal or encrypt private data, or claim to have done canada goose outlet store uk so, and demand payment for its return.

Last year Eastern European based canada goose outlet canada hackers targeted a Byron Bay primary school, encrypting its records and demanding canada goose outlet sale $5000 to unlock them.

A Gold Coast medical centre targeted by Russian hackers In December month were issued a demand for a $4000 ransom to decrypt sensitive information on a server.

A bus company in Foster, NSW, was hit in a similar attack the previous month.

A canada goose black friday sale study by computer security firm NCC Group found a dramatic increase in hacking last year.

The Origin of Hacks report found there canada goose outlet new york city were more than 1 billion hacking attempts worldwide in the final quarter of 2012, which was an increase for the fourth quarter in a row.

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