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April 29, 2015

The pair then shared a glass of wine together once their media

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Hermes Birkin Replica The under Hermes Handbags pressure Italian has claimed he didn’t see Guardiola waiting for the handshake upon full time as he wanted to get back to the changing room following the annihilation of his Chelsea team.The moments after the apparent snub can be seen on Man City’s new Tunnel Cam video from the match, released on the club’s YouTube channel (see the video below).But Sarri says insisted the apparent snub wasn’t intentional.”I didn’t see at that moment but of course as usually I will go to say hello Hermes Replica to him later, as usual,” the Chelsea manager said.”It was by chance because I wanted to go to the dressing room at that moment, and I didn’t see him.”I don’t have a problem with Pep.”PLAYER RATINGS: Man City player ratings vs Chelsea: Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling exceptionalMATCH REPORT: Man City deliver the performance Pep Guardiola called for as Sergio Aguero hat trick helps to monster Chelsea 6 0NEWS: Sergio Aguero makes history by reaching three different records with Man City hat trick vs ChelseaHIGHLIGHTS: Our fake hermes belt women’s live coverage from The EithadGuardiola downplayed the issue himself telling Sky s after the game: “He didn’t see me. I have a good relationship with him, no problem.The pair then shared a glass of wine together once their media duties were completed.The Blues boss defended Sarri again in his post match press conference by comparing Sarri’s first season Replica Hermes Bags in charge with his own debut campaign in the Premier League.”People don’t understand how difficult the first year can be. My first season here was difficult Hermes Birkin Replica.

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