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May 19, 2015

The varsity 4+, with all seniors, placed 19th out of 32 teams

The varsity 8 featured cox Lindsay Press, stroke Alli Webster, Chandler Lally, Sophia Blair, Jaclyn Somes, Marissa MacCormick, Sarah Hernandez, Andrea Hartman and bow Gabrielle Mariotti.The varsity 4+, with all seniors, placed 19th out of 32 teams. That team is coxswain Charlotte Rand, Devin Kaney, Hope Thompson, Christine McLaughlin and bow Sally Faulkner.Catching up with results from the previous week’s Stotesbury Regatta, Haverford School claimed medals in four of the nine races it entered. The results began with Haverford’s undefeated JV double of Balt Heldring and Cole Chiumento placing first out of 17 competitors.

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