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January 17, 2015

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Not another coffee shop; it something else. People can sit and hold court here. Of Peach have to wonder: How long till Roth moves on to the next thing? And when he does, will the corner go dark again? Roth says, no way: have embraced it. The court obviously wants you to pay that child support so what do they do? They send you to jail. Because we all know that you can make tons of money to pay child support IN JAIL. 🙂 You can earn money while you are there and most likely you going to lose any job that you had before you went to jail.

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Of Fall River. President and CEO James J. Karam spent years visiting Worcester while he served as a trustee of the University of Massachusetts system, and he came away impressed by the city 11 colleges and universities. You’re in town as part of a Da de los Muertos celebration. Do you have any personal memories or particular feelings about Remembrance Day? It’s a big part of our culture. It’s a thing that we’ve always celebrated regardless of whether or not the band was happening.

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