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September 10, 2020

St george westpac lift home loan rates on home loans to 7,800,000 from 2,500,000

St george westpac lift home loan rates on home loans to 7,800,000 from 2,500,000 GEORGE W. BAKER: What it is called is the home loan rate. It doesn’t have to be that special a rate, just as one wouldn’t have t용인안마타이 마사지o pay a certain percentage of your income every month in order to get a mortgage. STEPHEN GREEN: But if a mortgage is more than 7%, where’s the line? GEOFF TAYLOR: That’s what the Federal Reserve wants us to think. I think it is a mistake. It’s not unusual. If you own property and you’re a small businessman and you want to buy a house, it’s no longer unusual for a person who works in the mortgage department to recommend a home loan rate of 1.5% or 0.4% that would get it back at a much cheaper rate. That would be more than twice the 7% mortgage rate that the Federal Reserve wants us to pay when we have a new house, and it would get us back about five or six times the discount we would save by buying our own house. STEPHEN GREEN: Do you see a case for a change to the Fed’s current methodology? GEOFF TAYLOR: I do. I’ve always said that at least the federal government should be trying to make sure that at the end of the day we get a fair result. STEPHEN GREEN: Do you think that in some other countries – I mean, if there is not a market for government intervention i공주출장마사지n lending, what is the alternative? GEOFF TAYLOR: Oh, absolutely. Of course we should look after the housing market. But let’s look after the housing market as well as the whole economy.

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