A message to Barcelona: Enough is as good as the proverbial eight course meal

And we were thinking the Luka Modric saga is getting beyond a joke. The situation with Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona is truly incredible. The Catalan club is admired across the world for the way in which the team plays the game, but the way they handle their business off the pitch is as disgraceful as the diving and antics of Sergio Busquets. I just cannot understand why all this has go on every season. It’s perfectly simple: The Arsenal skipper is under contract at the Emirates until 2014. Ergo, in order for Barcelona to sign him, Arsenal must accept an official bid which they deem acceptable. If they choose not to accept the bid, come back with the same bid again and again and again and again while getting all your players to mouth off in the press about how much Fabregas wants to join and how they’d all love to have him back at the Camp Nou.

Why is Pepe Reina getting involved in this one?

There was Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol and Jose Reina (why the dickens was he getting involved?) forcing Fabregas to briefly wear a Barcelona shirt during Spain’s World Cup celebrations last summer. Then there was Xavi claiming Fabreagas was only “on loan” at Arsenal after it was clear he was staying with the Gunners for at least one more season. Now, Xavi has spoken out again, this time actually on Barcelona’s official website, on how Fabregas is unhappy at Arsenal and his desire to rejoin his boyhood club. It seems that nobody knows where the line begins or ends with regard to tapping up, but surely this is just not on. Some have suggested that Fabregas is using Xavi to voice his eagerness to leave in order to avoid the wrath of Arsenal and the club’s fans. This may or may not be true, but to put this on their official website shows a real lack of class on the part of Barcelona.

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal supporters must be sick and tired of this by now. Do Barcelona really think that antagonising Arsenal is the best way to go about this? Is having Xavi or Lionel Messi talk about how much they’d like to have Fabregas as a team-mate going to make Arsenal cave in and sell their star player? Speaking to his official website, Barca keeper Victor Valdes said: “Cesc is excited about coming back here and I’d like that.” Well, I’d like a Christmas card from Cameron Diaz, but life has it’s little disappointments doesn’t it?

Talking about Fabregas on the official Barcelona website is wrong

Arsenal have surely let Barcelona know what they consider a suitable fee for their skipper but Barcelona appear to be intent on ignoring this. The Gunners should therefore begin responding to these comments and unacceptable offers coming from the Camp Nou with a few absurd requests of their own. How about this: Barcelona can have Cesc Fabregas, but Arsenal would like Gerard Pique and Andres Iniesta in return. And while we’re at it, why not throw in Lionel Messi and €40million as a sweetener? If Barcelona refuse to meet Arsenal’s valuation of Cesc Fabregas, there really should be nothing to talk about.

Fabregas clearly wants to return to Barcelona