Could a Premier League All Star game replace the Community Shield?

A certain Manchester United defender who loves to tweet has raised the idea today of a Premier League all star game.  Why this has never happened before I don’t know.  The concept of an all-star game is certainly nothing new, just take a glance to the US where every season all of the major sporting leagues have an all star game.  The NBA had their first all star game in 1951!

So why has the Premier League never embraced this concept?  Expanding the league format has always been a contentious issue amongst fans and pundits alike.  When the idea for the much criticised 39th game was suggested a few years back there was outrage from all quarters.  Looking back now it seems hard to see why we were all so against it?  Again looking across the pond to US, both regular season NFL and NBA games have been played in London over the last few seasons as those leagues look to expand their global reach.

But back to the Premier League All Star game, there have been many formats suggested in the twitterverse for how this might work best.  One good suggestion is the that instead of the Community shield, the League champions play against a best of the rest team.  Personally, I think a more successful route would be to follow in the footsteps of our US counterparts and make the teams regional – Premiership North XI vs Premiership South XI.  The players for each team could be voted for online, and all proceeds could go to charitable causes – just like the Community Shield (which unfortunately has become as dull as dishwater over the years).

So who would be in your North and south XI’s?  Let us know and we’ll publish the most popular selections.