These boys look a bit pricey...

Fantasy Football tips: Gameweek 18 (enjoy your turkey)

Every bit the goal threat RVP is! - image from

We all had a pretty good Gameweek 17 so the advice here would be to crack on and enjoy your Chrimbo! It’s very possible that many of your competitors will have swanned off to enjoy a well earned break and long since forgotten something as trivial as a fantasy footy team. But then these are the sods who end up top of the table at the half way stage through no fault nor foresight of their own. These gits sit back and enjoy their Christmas turkey, forgetting all about their team yet still end up lucking out because substitutions and injuries mean that Ryan Shawcross (their third sub) has taken the captain’s armband and ends up scoring the one and only hat-trick of his career. And a cleanie in the process probably, sending them bounding up the table like a rat up a drainpipe. So listen up…

Those that care (well enough to be online now rather than knocking back snowballs and mince pies) will have noticed that the Fantasy Cup starts this week. It’s a nice distraction for those of you not storming your respective leagues as long as you made the top 2,097,152 scorers in Gameweek 17 of course! If you didn’t, you’re rubbish and ought to have stopped playing this game yonks ago.

Anyways, exciting times. You’d best back the big guns on this week. It’s the first time in a while that Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal are all guaranteed wins. Manchester City and Spurs ought to follow suit but they are playing away, so adopt an air of caution with them. Here are some players you really ought to have gotten into your team by now…

Thomas Vermaelen (£7m) – Even if Arsenal don’t keep a clean sheet, TV is every bit the goal threat that RVP is these days.

Luis Nani (£10.4m) – Even if you hate him, you can’t deny his abilities. By far United’s most exciting player since C Ron, he will score you points.

Demba Ba (£7.5m) – Some of us have been waiting for him to trail off. Despite only playing for Newcastle (whose bubble will surely burst, won’t it?) he is a quality player who will continue to rack up the goals.

Daniel Sturridge (£7.3m) – Like or not Torres, he is now well and truly ahead of you in the Chelsea pecking order (through merit). Probably the best value-for-money forward at a top four side. Sturridge will rack the points up for you.

These boys have obviously gotten a little pricey over the course of the season. And if you’ve not brought a couple of them in yet, you’ve been doing it wrong! Still, with prices as extortionate as ever (Tevez is still £11.7m believe it or not!!) there are still a few bargains out there…

He will get game time and United will get cleanies - image from

We expect defences to tighten up during the second half of the campaign making the likes of Vermaelen and Kompany all the more valuable. But if you’re budget can’t quite cope with that, consider Martin Skrtel (£6m) – Liverpool have conceded just 13 goals in 17 league games this season. Chris Smalling (£5.3m) meanwhile, plays for a top team and will get plenty of minutes during the second half of the season.

In midfield, we’d expect Antonio Valencia (£7.9m) to get a few more games under his belt now that he’s fully fit and he’s a no-nonsesne player who racks up the points for United. You can also expected Theo Walcott (£8.9m) to have a good couple of games for Arsenal over the next couple of weeks. The Yak (£5.8m) remains the best value-for-money option among the forwards, although other brave players might consider Steven Fletcher (£5.9m). Fulham’s Bryan Ruiz (£6m) has also hit something approximating form, but you need the big hitters in all honesty. Wildard is in the post – all you want for Christmas is RVP, Roon, and Sergio Aguero!!

Merry Xmas. I mean that.