Scholes "tackles" Man City's Pablo Zabaleta

God did not give you six studs to wrap around someone else’s knee

“God gave you intelligence, skill, agility and the best passing ability in the game. What God didn’t give you was six studs to wrap around someone else’s knee,” Cloughie told Leeds’ Johnny Giles. Alex Ferguson really ought to have said this to Paul Scholes by now. But it seems Scholes has chosen to follow the wisdom of former Holland coach Rinus Michels instead: “Football is war.”

Scholes is one of the finest players the Premier League has ever seen but he has this nasty streak to his game¬†which has earned him no fewer than 10 career red cards. In the past, pundits have defended the United midfielder, arguing that he simply can’t time tackles. I’m afraid it begins to wear a little thin when hearing if for the 80th or 90th time and I’m not even sure if the 70s Leeds lot would defend Scholes’ savage stamp on Pablo Zabaleta at the weekend.

Scholes is “undoubtedly the greatest player of his generation” according to Zinedine Zidane, while Barcelona midfield magician Xavi describes him as “the best central midfielder I’ve seen in the last 15, 20 years”. Fine praise indeed, but if you are wishing your team had four or five Paul Scholeses, you’d probably be looking at most of your games being abandoned.

[quote]He’s not a tackler. I’ve told him don’t bother tackling because you can’t tackle. I’m fed up saying that to him. When he does go into tackles he doesn’t know how to do it and ends up getting a booking.[/quote]

Fergie’s words of wisdom to Eric Cantona. Scholes obviously didn’t get the memo.

Scholes "tackles" Man City's Pablo Zabaleta