If you can’t afford the match ticket…

He's got some balls - image from insideworldsoccer.com

Watch the game from the bench. That’s exactly what Conor Cunningham did anyway. He travelled to Tallinn for Ireland’s Euro 2012 play off against Estonia without a ticket, only to find that it was going to set him back €600 to see the game. Taken aback, yet determined not to watch the first leg in the pub having come this far, Cunningham managed to sneak his way in. He then found a sack of footballs and an Estonia tracksuit and moseyed on out on to the pitch, before taking his seat in the home team’s dugout beside Estonia coach Tarmo Ruutli.

Cunningham was told to move on by a suspicious UEFA official about 15 minutes into the match and proceeded to watch the rest of the tie in an empty seat in the A. Le Coq Arena. After that, you’d be forgiven for not pushing your luck any further. Cunningham however, not content with managing to sneak in to witness Ireland cruising to a 0-4 victory, decided at the final whistle to join the Irish players on the pitch and celebrate the triumph with his team.

With all the negativity surrounding Sepp Blatter and racism in the game, it’s easy to miss the more light-hearted stories such as this. But Conor Cunningham deserves a mention or two here, so well done to a true hero. Best of luck on your travels to Poland and the Ukraine next summer!

Ireland fans can find out what tracksuits they will need to buy on Friday December 2, when the draw for the Euro 2012 finals takes place.

Click below to watch a video of Conor Cunningham’s epic feat.