..I love this blue kit...

“Ive got a great idea guys..”

Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking of in life when they make decisions, or in most cases, if you are thinking this, the person in question probably didn’t think at all.. And that is kind of the problem.

Picture the scene if you will.. a board meeting at Liverpool FC, with the American owners deciding on what will be the new third kit for the up and coming 2011/2012 campaign.

“Hey guys, you know what we should use? Blue, its like the soccer opposite of Red”

“Hey yeah, great idea boss!”

Blue, in Merseyside.. its called Everton, you know, your arch rivals…

Nice one.

And doesn’t Stevie look positively thrilled at it:

..I love this blue kit...

Personally, I really like the kit, However, two things to bear in mind are: 1) I am not a Liverpool fan.  2) I am not an Everton Fan.