Jose’s mind games cause Guardiola to explode

The special one was up to his old tricks again, causing Pep Guardiola to go on a Charlie Sheen-esque rant.  Jose had joked that Guardiola was a new type of manager who liked to criticise the referees for making  correct decisions.


“Up to now we have had two types of coaches. A very small group of coaches who never speak to the referees.”

“After that, there is a bigger group, of whom I am one, who criticise the referees when they make huge errors. But it is also a group who are happy to highlight the good work of the referee.”

“And now, with the declaration of Pep the other day, we are entering a new era with a third group, which for the moment includes only him, who criticise the correct decision of the referee.”

“I am not asking the referee to help my team. If the referee is good everyone will be happy – except Guardiola. He wants them to get it wrong.”

“This is something I have never seen in the world of football.”


Guardiola responded with an equally cleverly worded response…

“In this room, he’s the f****** chief, the f****** man, the person who knows everything about the world and I don’t want to compete with him at all, Off the pitch, he has already won, as he has done all year. On the pitch, we’ll see what happens.”

1-0 Jose.