Luka Modric is contracted to Tottenham. Why is this news every day?

Surely this should be very simple? Luka Modric has a contract with Spurs. Chelsea want to buy Luka Modric. Spurs should therefore name their price. If Chelsea meet this price, they can sign the player. If not, let’s talk about it all bloody summer. And then again in January.

I don’t buy this “not for sale at any price” line coming from White Hart Lane, because Spurs would be even more daft than Roman Abramovic if they were to reject an offer of, let’s say £30 million odd, for a player like Modric. Every player has his price. But, Tottenham should be absolutely in control of this situation. Tell any potential buyer of the Croatian midfielder, here’s our price: put up or shut up.

"Come on Mr Chairman, we had an agreement"

Modric claims he had a “gentleman’s agreement” with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy stating that club would consider allowing him to leave if a major club came in with an offer. Maybe you can sympathise with Modric for falling for that bull honky, but the fact is, he should not have signed a six-year contract extension last summer unless he was willing to commit to six more years at White Hart Lane. Players need to be shown they cannot be so short sighted and greedy to go around signing lucrative 12-year contracts then bully their clubs into selling them once they get bored a year later.

While you can’t blame a player of Modric’s quality for having Champions League ambitions, signing a six-year contract extension with Tottenham was beyond absurd. It might not be wise of Spurs to insist on holding on to an unhappy player, but they have every right to hold Chelsea to ransom and squeeze them for every penny they can get. After all, Abramovic can afford it. Remember, he’s the moron who spent £50 million on Fernando Torres. But come on guys, we’re all bored of this now, just get on with it already.