Patrice Evra would be a fantastic signing for Barcelona

Come join us at Old Trafford Samir, we tap up more players than the North West Water board

Defensively solid, comfortable on the ball and willing to roam forward to help out with the attack. But more importantly, Evra is more than happy to shoot his mouth off in public about the players contracted to other teams. Taking a leaf out of the Xavi, Valdes, Messi, Guardiola, Pedro (and the rest) book, the full back has urged French team mate Samir Nasri to join him at Manchester United.

Evra has decided to go ahead and speak publicly about private conversations. Well, why shouldn’t you? Maybe this is an attempt from Manchester United to be more like Barcelona after they were completely outclassed by the Catalan club at Wembley in May. So Nasri has been told by Evra, “if he wants to be king, he has to join Man United”. Only a joke, but also the reality, according to the United left back. “I just told him how good it would be for him coming here. He will have a nice welcome, and I can help as well because I’m French.

“We’ve spoken a lot in the summer and also when we met up for friendly games with France at the end of the season. It was looking interesting but I don’t know, we’ll have to see.”

Well, if it’s good enough for Barca, United might as well get onboard. Especially since there’s no punishment for it these days.