Hands up who is sorry, and really really mean it this time

The reasons why Tevez should NOT be left to rot on the bench..

The endless parade that is the Carlos Tevez saga rolled to an all time low the other night with the Argentine star reportedly refusing to come on the pitch and help his team out, and of course, the media have jumped all over this story like a fat kid on a cupcake.

Many outlets on the media suggest that City should keep Tevez at the club for the remainder of his contract as it is the last thing that Carlos would want.  Now, in case I missed anything in the news recently, City still have more money than they know what to do with.  What, can someone answer me, is the point in keeping a player around that does not want to be there, especially when they have a new squad trying to gel together.

Hands up who wants out of Manchester (again)

The last thing City need is someone who does not want to be there.  A negative attitude will always prevail over positive ones, take a think back to your day at work, I bet you remember all the negative things and things that wound you up in the day over the rays of light.  This principle stays the same at Manchester City.  An unhappy Tevez could create disharmony amongst the ranks and conflict which could have a negative impact on the rest of the squad.

So what are the options? If City feel that they will never use Tevez again, there is absolutely no point in keeping him around, the chances are he is not going to play in the Premier League again, so City don’t really need to worry about him coming back to haunt them.

Financially any club other than City would struggle with this dilemma,  but as money is no object in the blue half of Manchester you have to wonder why they don’t just get rid of him, sure, they might miss out on the £40m price tag they put on his head, but in case the City board didn’t get the memo, there wasn’t exactly a queue of clubs waiting to sign the Argentinian at that price, and even on a free, its hardly free if you need to try and match the outrageous wages Tevez is on currently.

I wonder why this is? Maybe £40m is overpriced , or maybe other clubs just don’t want to fight the endless fight with the ego that is Mr Tevez.

No doubt he is a class player, no-one can argue that fact.  Now, how to get him on the pitch is the new dilemma (yes, sorry, I went into mainstream media mode there cracking jibes at the event)