Hands up who is sorry, and really really mean it this time

The Tevez Saga rolls on to a new low. Mancini potentially backing down?

Apparently “never” in context to Tevez playing for Manchester City again doesn’t actually mean “never”.  What it actually means is “if you say sorry all is forgiven and you can play again”.  Maybe I am being cynical here, but I thought that Mancini showed a great level of professionalism in dealing with the Tevez-not-playing row, he made it clear that actually, despite what everyone thought, he was the manager and not Carlos, he was in charge. I really don’t think it should be as easy as just saying sorry.

Hands up who is sorry, and really really mean it this time.

So, Mancini says that this whole issue with Tevez will go away if he apologises to him (Mancini), the players, and the fans.  I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that there are lawyers getting involved.  If Tevez does then apologise, what will this do to the harmony of the team? He would be sending out a message that it is OK to act irresponsibly as long as you say sorry, you don’t even have to mean it.  Parents know this is no way to bring up your child, so why should it be different for Tevez.  Maybe its because little Jimmy (age 7) can’t afford a team of lawyers on his £2 pocket money to take his parents to court and get enough money in compensation to finance a small country.

Despite all this you may think I don’t like Tevez, But I do, I think he has undeniable talent and I used to enjoy watching him run defences ragged with his “bulldog like approach”.  This isn’t about talent, this is about morals, standing by your guns and accepting the consequences. Mancini said he would “never” play for City again, and this is the way it should stay while Mancini is in charge, take the hit, let him move on to another club where he can play his football and entertain us.

City look to be so strong in the Premier League at the moment, all great teams have a wobble and despite my dislike for them after the robbery that was “that playoff final” all those years ago, even I have to stand and admire the talent they have and a manager who is doing a fine job of managing a team of egos.  Don’t blow it now, stand your ground and show you ARE in charge Mancini, and everything will be OK.

I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with me and say “let him play again”, and we are all entitled to our opinions, I can see it going so wrong if he does don the sky blue again.

Now if you will excuse me, after my rant I’m off to say “sorry” to a load of girls who told me “never” when I was growing up.