Things haven't worked out for Cole at Anfield

Well done to Joe Cole

Liverpool midfielder in talks over a move to Lille

Things haven't worked out for Cole at Anfield

French champions Lille are reportedly close to securing the services of Joe Cole on a season-long loan deal. The Liverpool midfielder has not even featured on the bench this season and was also being targeted by QPR and Spurs. Cole moved to Anfield last season on a four-year contract, but has been limited to just eleven Premier League starts for the Reds.

So it’d be fair to say that it hasn’t exactly worked out for Cole at Liverpool, but well done to him for considering moving abroad. If only more English footballers were willing and open-minded enough to try out football in a different country. Too many out there kid themselves with the ill thought through statement: ‘The Premier League is the best league in the world.’ While you could argue that it is the best league in the world, people just say it willy nilly without basing it on anything; i.e. they haven’t got a clue about the other leagues around the world.

The truth is, most English players aren’t brave enough to move out of their comfort zones and learn a new language and culture. Perhaps if more were willing to consider football outside of the Premier League, the England team might learn a few things about possession football and a style in which it is not mandatory to play at 200mph at all times. You never know, moving abroad could even benefit an English player. Just a thought.

So hats of to Joe Cole for having the balls to try something different. I will wish him well if he completes a move to Lille. At least he’ll get more Champions League football than his Liverpool team-mates this season.