With support like that, Wolves might as well play home games at the Hawthorns

The Wolves boss is spot on: the booing does not help

You can always rely on Mick McCarthy to tell it like it is. The Wolves boss has slammed some of the club’s fans for failing to get behind his players in their 2-2 draw with Swansea City at Molineux on Saturday. And like his team, Mick’s got a point. There were a lot of Wolves fans who were ready to jump on the players’ backs at the first opportunity and they got their wish, with two first half goals from the away side. Cue mass booing. The Swansea players were rubbing their hands with glee, thinking they’d secured their first away win of the season with just 35 minutes on the clock.

Every team has these so-called supporters: the self righteous, incoherently addlepated dullards up on their high horses, who are probably secretly glad when their team fails because it will give them ample opportunity to vent their fury on the terraces. You’ll hear people say that they’ve paid their money so they’re entitled to express their opinions. Sorry guys, but paying to watch football doesn’t give you a pass for being shit fans. The manager does not want you, the players do not want you and the proper supporters do not want you. Grimsby Town boss Rob Scott had it pretty much spot on: If you don’t like it, don’t jolly well come (well, something to that effect anyway).

When things aren’t going well on the pitch, of course the players and/or the manager has to carry the can. But the boo boys at Molineux need to hold their hands up for Swansea’s second goal at the weekend. Their whistling and jeering put the players on edge and definitely contributed to Joe Allen’s goal. But of course, the Wolves fans had paid their money, so why shouldn’t they kick their side’s already battered confidence into touch? No wonder the whole operation is crumbling with support like that. Those with the club’s best interests at heart would much rather have 15,000 fans there, all behind the team instead of a full house with half of them only there to offer their negativity to the cause. Mick McCarthy is dead right to give no credit to the supporters for Wolves’ fightback.

It is difficult not to feel an element of sympathy with the Wolves fans however. After all, they paid their hard earned money, stayed until the end, only to see Jamie O’Hara crack in a fine equalising goal and rob them of their chance to boo their side off the park at the final whistle. It is a shame being in the Premier League I suppose. Pop down to Home Park one afternoon if you ever need cheering up lads.