Jordan Ibe pushes past his team mates to celebrate with his family

Wycombe’s 15 year old booked for goal celebration… The FA should take a look at these “offences”

For a 15 year old making his first competitive league start it’s a big day, massive in fact.  Not just for himself but also his family who would have put countless hours and pounds into developing him into the player he has become.  Enter Jordan Ibe who not only made his first senior start but scored a quite tasty goal, thundering the ball into the top right corner after beating a few players.  The joy on the young man’s face was clear to see as he brushed his team-mates aside to run over half the length of the pitch to where his family were and embraced them (from the pitch side I might add).

Jordan Ibe pushes past his team mates to celebrate with his family - Image from

FA rules stipulate that this is a bookable offence.  What an absolute joke.

In fact, taking your shirt off should not be a bookable offence, celebrating with the fans should not be a bookable offence, are the FA trying to kill all players passions for the game?  I would like to see yellow cards for showing passion after scoring removed, and instead book players who try to con the refs with diving and waving the imaginary card to get other players booked, and while we are there why not actually follow through on this “respect the officials” campaign and book the players who find it acceptable to swear and shout at the referees and other officials.  The lack of discipline towards officials is a disgrace, not scoring your first goal for your club and wanting to share the special moment with your family.

You can see the video of this goal and booking on the BBC website: