The saga has cost Tevez a reported £9.3m. To use sporting terms, he's lost - image from

Carlos Tevez: a lesson for the egos at Manchester City

Tevez's actions may have put other clubs off - image from

Carlos Tevez’s transfer out of Manchester City has slipped further away this evening after Internatzionale announced the club was out of the running to sign the Argentine striker. Paris St Germain have also been linked with a move for Tevez, although the French club appears to be unwilling to match City’s €30million asking price. And with City’s talks with AC Milan having already broken down earlier this month, Tevez appears to be running out of options in his pursuit of an exit from the Etihad Stadium. Let this be a lesson to any other City player tempted to come knocking on Roberto Mancini’s door with a complaint.

Even without a player of Tevez’s quality, City are enjoying life at the Premier League’s summit. Ok, they fell out of the Champions League at the first hurdle and both domestic cups are now gone, but there aren’t many sides who would reject the opportunity to swap places with Mancini’s team at the present time. And while his team mates have been taking pleasure in beating their title rivals 1-6 on their own patch, Tevez has been having about as much fun as a Nottingham Forest season ticket holder. The saga has cost the former West Ham and Manchester United forward a reported £9.3million in wages, fines and missed bonuses and he is looking increasingly likely to remain a Manchester City player come the end of the transfer window.

It’s easy to encourage City to put an end to this long-running episode, which frankly, became a little tedious in the summer. After all, they could probably sign any player on the planet if they so wished; offloading someone who has submitted multiple transfer requests should be no problem. And it’s not as if they need the money. The club’s steep asking price appeared to be a deal breaker in the summer and now, Milan, Inter and PSG seem unwilling to part with €30million for the player. But why should City budge? They invest millions of pounds in their players and should not have to cave in whenever one of these mercenaries decides to throw their toys out of the pram. While City’s financial capacity certainly allows the club to be less stubborn and simply cut their losses on the issue, it also puts them in a position where they can afford to stand by their principles and send a message to any other player considering taking similar action.

The saga has cost Tevez a reported £9.3m. To use sporting terms, he's lost - image from

Tevez could now remain a Manchester City player who will be forced to rot, rather than enjoy Premier League or Europa League success with the first team. Meanwhile, potential suitors will be put off, not only by City’s asking price but also the striker’s attitude. And he has no one to blame for the situation but himself. He is suffering the same fate as most of the other Premier League clubs this season: took on Manchester City and lost.