He hasn't been sacked yet, reason to look happy! (image from the bbc)

Chelsea, AC Milan, Barcelona, Balotelli and a fight – This week in football. (Oh and David Cameron gets a special mention too)

If you wasn’t all out panic buying petrol last night after David Cameron thought he would be a complete rim-piece and stir up a petrol “crisis” (but don’t get me started on that!) then you might well have watched some football, good on you.

What we have learnt this week:

He hasn't been sacked yet, reason to look happy! (image from the bbc)

Di Matteo picked a side that ground out a win in the champions league – getting Abramovich one step closer to that trophy he so desperately wants and is now being hailed to be the next Chelsea manager full time.  Why anyone would  want to take this job is a mystery, well, apart from money of course.
Actually saying that, I played some football manager the other night, maybe I should apply and earn enough in a few months to see me through the rest of my life (plus the massive pay-off at the end when I fail to pick JT, Lamps and Cole and don’t win a Champions League Trophy).

We have also learnt that 0-0 draws can be entertaining, last night the game between Barcelona AC and Milan was exactly that.  Barca failed to score for the first time in a Champions League game since November 2009 as Milan look relatively solid at the back, and if they could finish even a few of the chances they had, they could have had a real chance to knock the Spanish giants out of the competition.  But if you only have 32% possession in a game and still finish with a draw, you have had a slice of luck too.

5 men sent off after the full time whistle? Just take a trip to Bradford and watch a mass brawl with proper sneaky sucker punches and some really well executed wind-milling. Check out the video on the BBC site and watch the Crawley number 4 get what was coming to him via the gloves of the Bradford keeper.

Another excuse to bring out this cracking picture. We all know its true of all refs, not just Howard here.

Elsewhere in the news we learn that City are ruffled in the title challenge and Vieira came out and said what every other football fans knows, when you are Man Utd, and you are playing at Old Trafford, the referee wears red.

Balotelli.  We have made no hiding the fact that we love him here, but when he showed up at the Inter press conference, just strolled in like he was in charge, even we were wondering what the hell was going on.  Still, that’s Mario for you.

Quite an eventful few days.  Hopefully you can get to the various games over the weekend with no petrol after all this needless panic buying.