Chris Foy and Wayne Rooney should be ashamed of themselves

Another day in football, another disgraceful refereeing decision ruins a game of football.

Chris Foy’s decision to send off Vincent Kompany in the 12th minute of today’s 3rd round FA Cup tie was simply beyond belief.  If the rules of the game say that there was anything wrong with that challenge, then frankly the rules need f**king changing.

There is a clear difference in my mind between a dangerous two-footed tackle where there is clear intent to hurt the opposing player, and what Kompany did today.  Surely the reaction of Nani was testament enough, he was the player whom Kompany challenged and he played on, assuming that the tackle was clean and fair.

What was more shocking to me than the decision to send off Vincent Kompany, was the reaction of Wayne Rooney and  a couple of the other United players after the challenge.  Straight away, Rooney was furiously appealing with Chris Foy to give United a decision.

Rooney - Scored two goals but his display of unsporting behaviour left a sour taste in the mouth

Whether or not Rooney’s interference had an influence, only Chris Foy will know – but if you look at the replay for a couple of seconds it looks as though he isn’t even going to give a free kick.  It’s only once Rooney and the other players appeal that Chris Foy pulls out a card.

The reaction from Rooney was disgusting.  I can’t believe someone with Wayne Rooney’s disciplinary track record (World cup QF against Portugal and the whole “Winkergate” scandal comes to mind), would so blatantly attempt to get a fellow professional in trouble over something so innocuous.

This behaviour isn’t uncommon in the modern day game, and this behaviour must be influenced by instructions from the coaches and managers but it’s something that i’m sure no real football fan wants to see week in week out.

It’s a real shame, as today’s game was so highly anticipated as it was expected to be a fiercly fought, competitive game that really could have gone either way.  Whereas in reality, after 12 minutes there was only one likely result.  The game was still a good spectacle, but as a football fan it’s disappointing when a bad decision swings a game so far in one team’s favour.

Having said that you have to give both teams credit for the way they played, United looked composed and with the return of Paul Scholes they were able to make the most of their one man advantage.

City for their part never gave up and once Mancini changed the shape of the team for the second half, they looked more dangerous and were patient in their approach.  If they had have snatched a replay at the end it would have been a miraculous achievement.

Now the fourth round draw has taken place, with United taking on Liverpool let’s hope that tie can pass without a bad refereeing decision or show of bad sportsmanship ruining the game.

Then again, taking into account the recent events in the Evra v Suarez case, there’s probably not much chance of that!