The FA see less than Wenger.

Diving won’t end a career. But let’s all jump on the bandwagon anyway.

Guzan saw the funny side or just couldn’t believe it. But would Bale have owned up if the keeper saw red? (Image from the sun)

If you read the red top papers you will have seen that diving is apparently the “Cancer” of football. Bit strong isn’t it?  Now let me get the facts straight, I am in no way condoning diving, but this whole “look at Suarez, he dived, and he has a reputation, let’s crucify him” outlook is a joke.

For years now players have been diving, across all leagues in all countries, it isn’t just our beloved Premier League, and it certainly isn’t just our foreign contingent either.

Sure, diving is a bad thing, it isn’t exactly sporting, but neither is stamping on another player when he is on the floor.  But we all know what the papers like the write about, never mind the possible career ending injuries that could arise from a well placed stamp, but how about we crucify the players who fall over.  Good call.   The most embarrassing dive of the weekend just past wasn’t Suarez’s dive, but Bale’s humorous falling over as the keeper came out.  At least there was an element of contact with Suarez, he stumbled up and then back down again, but don’t worry, none of us have ever lost our balance and tried to recover, only to fall flat on our face.  Nope.  Just Suarez.

The FA see less than Wenger. Image from the Sun

The thing about Bale’s dive was slightly different, it looked like as the keeper came screaming out at an incredible pace, Bale thought he would get taken out and got out the way in the best way possible.  Even the keeper was chuckling about it, but what if.  What if the ref had called it as we first saw it on TV, red card.  Would Bale have stood up and said “actually guys, nothing there, I was trying to get out of the way” ?  I’d like to think so, but then what do I know.

Punish divers, yes.  I am all for that, but how about we clean up the rest of the game while we are at it,  surely Huth’s stamp was 10 times worse than Suarez’s fall, lets get rid of the tugging of shirts and blatant wrestling in the box before getting on our high and mighty, as it’s this kind of play that is surely worse.  If the referees had a bit more support and actual infractions were dealt with, the game would slowly clear itself up.  (the odd 3 match ban would help too!)

But it’s ok for us to judge… English players don’t dive do they…