Mark McCammon - image from Gillingham Football Club

Footballer attacks Gillingham FC claiming racism

Mark McCammon has come out and accused Gillingham Football Club of treating him and other black players differently, Gillingham have of course come out and rejected these claims, releasing a statement saying:

The allegations made by Mark McCammon are wholly rejected by the club.”

“It would not be appropriate for the club to comment further until the employment tribunal hearing has taken place.

Mark McCammon - image from Gillingham Football Club

Football should not tolerate Racism in any form, and as a Gillingham fan I can’t help but think he is jumping on the recent mainstream football racism bandwagon, which is very sad indeed.  In my opinion the only reason he would have been treated differently (if he ever was) was not because of the colour of his skin, but actually that he was utterly shite.   5 goals from 52 appearances as an out-and-out striker – defenders can do better than that!

He left Gillingham in 2010, with no word of this at the time.