I loved the Olympics, but thank f**k football is back!

I’ll be the first to admit, I absolutely loved the Olympics.  The atmosphere around London,  the discovery of weird and wonderful sports that you’ve never watched before and the sheer humility of the athletes competing made it a time that will simply never be forgotten.

The Olympics simply blew everything else into the background, and transformed the mood of a city and possibly the nation.

It takes something very special indeed to make me forget about football for a sustained period, which is why this pre-season has felt very strange indeed.  With the Euros, and then the Olympic football it doesn’t really feel like we’ve had a break.

But in a blink of an eye, no sooner had the Olympic flame been extinguished, the fire of the premier league roars back to life – and boy am I excited!

However positive I was feeling about the Olympics and the GB team, this feeling has been swiftly put to the back of my mind as my true sporting passion comes to the fore once again.

People who don’t like football will never quite understand what the day before kick off feels like.  It’s a time when anything is possible, and you believe that this is the season that your club can right all the wrongs that have gone before.  It’s like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one.

And yes, come 5pm tomorrow at least half of us going to or watching matches will wish we haven’t bothered, but that’s the beauty of the game.  But the other half will be riding a wave of euphoria that for me, the Olympics (no matter how good they were) can never match.

This season, we’ll be bringing you regular opinions across all levels of the game here on Football Fans Online, so please get involved and lets hope for a cracking season.  Bring it on!