Not that Pepe has previous or anything..

I went to a pantomime and a football match broke out

Yet again, another el classico turns into a complete farse, I for one am fed up with the play acting, the diving and blatant cheating that goes on in recent times between these two teams.

Tonight’s match-up saw:

  • Countless Dives.
  • Stamping.
  • Going down holding the face when there was no contact.
  • waving of more imaginary cards than a Clinton’s shop in Narnia.

My point is pretty simple, if two of the best teams in the world are trying their best to get other players sent off and basically be very naughty indeed (Sorry Messi, you don’t need that hand no? – Lots of love, your pal Pepe) what message does this send out to the kids around the world watching the game.  It seems like every time Real Madrid and Barcelona face each other we end up talking about the shenanigans that goes on instead of the football, which is a shame as tonight’s game was actually pretty good.

Once again however, Barcelona came out on top, but for once, there was no red cards, quite astonishing when you look at all the crap that went on on the field tonight.  I think that authorities should be able to look back on the game and dish out a few fines in the name of unsporting behaviour.

Still, never mind, we get to watch it all again next week in the return leg.

Oh, and in case you wondered, the score was 2-1 to Barca…

Not that Pepe has previous or anything..