Kenny Dalglish axed – But could it be the right time to change?

So, Liverpool sack their manager after a below average season in the Premier League, and actually this might be the right time to do it.

Many Liverpool fans have a huge emotional attachment to Dalglish for everything that he stood for and accomplished at the club.  Looking at the picture from the outside however, this was never going to be a manager appointment which would last.  Kenny came into the club to help them out in a time of need, he did this out of a love for Liverpool Football Club and certainly steadied a ship which looked like it was sinking.

However as time went on, money was invested (reportedly around £120m) into the club, and with that sort of cash injection you would expect a better season than was delivered.  Many of the new signings just did not deliver, and even the signings themselves were looked on as being very expensive for what the club was getting.  It is all very well investing in the future talent, but in this day and age where managers are judged on the here and now, (unless you are Mr Wenger) there is often not enough time to build a team for the future.  Owners want results, and although Liverpool were delivered a trophy, it wasn’t the one they really wanted.

Dalglish became more obstructive towards the media, trying to make sniping comments in post match interviews and this along with the extremely public backing of Suarez started to get on the nerves of small sections fans and neutrals alike.
Tactically Kenny was average at best, I know its not as simple as this, but when you spend huge amounts of cash on a winger (who had a terrible season – we are talking about Downing in case you didn’t see that one coming!) and a striker who is a beast in the air, you kind of have to play them together and not sub one on for the other, it’s not like they had massive height up front without Carroll.

Basically, if Kenny Dalglish was any other manager, he would have been sacked a long time ago, It was probably out of respect for him that he stayed in the job to the end of the season.  However, now a new manager will be able to come in with enough time to put his mark on the team and try and improve the situation before the start of the new campaign.  This is a very good move in terms of timing. (The FA – take note).

Reports indicate – (but as is always the case at this time of the year) that Martinez looks to be the favourite to come in and take the job.  Probably every manager and every player will at some point be linked with the top clubs in England over the summer by someone spouting rumours, but in this case, Martinez could actually be a good selection to take the job.