Kicking Alleged Racism out of Football – Zokora style

Emre Belozoglu was accused of using racist language towards Didier Zokora during a recent match between Fenerbache and Trabzonspor, and despite many people lip reading the situation (I can’t personally as I can’t speak Turkish) the TFF (Turkish Football Federation) found Emre not guilty of racism and instead fined and suspended the player for 2 games for “foul and abusive language”.

However, Emre and Zakora met again shortly after the suspension was carried out, and what followed was a remarkable challenge by Zakora (remarkable in that he only got a booking!)

In traditional YouTube style, somone has taken the time to craft it into an epic.



So yeah. Ouch.  What struck me as amusing was the comment by Emre afterwards.

“He kicked me straight in the balls! Thank Allah I have a child, or I may not have become a father”


Really Emre? We didn’t notice…