Liverpool tricked into buying Stewart Downing. Finally, an explanation

Downing is doing his best justify Fernando Torres' £50million transfer fee - image from

It seems clubs can’t always be bothered to do their homework when it comes to transfers. It’s then that they adopt techniques like taking the chairman’s advice after he’s been playing Football Manager, buying whoever shone in the most recent major tournament and of course checking out YouTube. Today it was reported that bosses at Liverpool decided to press ahead with the £20million signing of Stewart Downing after watching a clip of his ‘”skills” on the internet. A fake video, no less. Chairman Tom Werner and John W Henry were so impressed after watching Downing chip five balls into wheelie bins from 30 yards that they were happy to give Kenny Dalglish licence to waste money Rafa Benitez style. After 1671 minutes of Premier League football for the Reds, Downing has recorded an impressive zero goals and zero assists for his new club. Incidentally, with £20million at your disposal, you could have signed Matthew Etherington, Scott Sinclair and Adam Johnson, with enough change left to put down a deposit on a programme and a pie at the Emirates.

But at least this news gives Liverpool supporters an explanation for the signing of Downing. Werner and Henry being daft enough to fall for a YouTube viral designed to boost Aston Villa season ticket sales is just one of many foul ups we see during every transfer window. However, it raises the question: how exactly were they fooled into splurging £35million on Andy Carroll and £20million on Jordan Henderson? The videos extolling the virtues of these guys were probably real. Whoever advised on the Fernando Torres deal must’ve been given a job at Anfield.

[quote]John and I said: ‘Oh my god. This player is brilliant, we’ve got to figure out a way to make a deal with him’. – Liverpool chairman Tom Werner[/quote]

Click below to see the video of Stewart Downing’s ‘Pin Point Accuarcy’.