The new England home kit

New England strip: it’s not all bad news

At leat Joe Hart will have an alternative to the wetsuit and the turquoise monstrosity

When it is decided that a new football shirt should be produced, kit makers are given licence to make merry with the most ridiculous designs ever conceived. Coventry’s brown eyesore in 1978 and Hull’s 1992 tiger horror immediately spring to mind, while Manchester United usually compete for the ‘Worst Footy Shirt Ever’ award every couple of seasons. It’s difficult to see how they do it, but the manufacturers always seem to manage to make a pig’s ear of the kit designs, year in, year out.

Now, the FA have run into some criticism (for a change) for ditching the England home shirt after just eight games. It does seem a bit rich for fans to be charged £45 for something that will be out of date and worth less than a tenner within about a year. And it wasn’t as if last season’s shirt was in the same league as Norwich circa 1993 and deserved replacing faster than Fernando Torres at Chelsea. Both home and away shirts looked pretty good and it would’ve been nice to see the England team don the old kit for at least one major tournament.

The good news however, is that a new goalkeeper top has also been produced, meaning Joe Hart will no longer be forced to wear that wet suit that was the former England goalkeeper home jersey. And it’s good that he has a decent alternative to that sheer monstrosity that is the current keeper’s away strip. He must be thinking he’s being pre-emptively punished for the howler that he’s destined to make in the Euros this summer…

The new England home kit