Newco / Rangers – Should they come back to the SPL?

Scottish Football, it gets its doubters and it’s haters from outside of Scotland – this is a fact.   But it is serious business for the clubs and fans alike, and with the SPL losing one of its major powerhouses we have to look at both sides of the coin when it comes down to voting if they should be allowed to reform straight into the SPL again.

Rangers / Newco should NOT be allowed to restart in the SPL.

Essentially my gut reaction, they are no longer the Rangers of old, player and staff contracts are null and void and the club is not the same.  Allowing them back into the SPL would be essentially saying “yeah, you fucked up, but hey, never mind that everyone else is fighting to get into the SPL, you come back and get preferential treatment because you are/were Rangers”.

The club as an entity should be punished, and the only way forward would be to make them start again, after all they are a brand new club. Apparently.  With no Rangers in the league it gives a chance for other clubs to earn more money, potentially qualify for Europe and attract bigger players, then if Rangers do make it up to the SPL there may be at least 3 teams capable of challenging for the title.

Essentially Rangers (who are not alone on this strategy by any stretch of the imagination) spent a shitload of money they didn’t have to win things, teams felt obliged to try and catch up and imported players from all around the world this had a knock-on to the National team who fell down FIFAs rankings quicker than a stone down a very deep well. One which had no money at the bottom.

Rangers / Newco should be allowed to restart in the SPL.

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Scottish football is a competition (be it between 2 teams) and without Rangers being in the SPL, the guy who engraves the trophies might as well just write “Celtic” on it a few times and take a 3 year break.  On a serious note however, Scottish football is watched around the world mainly because of the old firm games, these bring in massive amounts of money via the gates, pubs, restaurants and of course the TV rights.  Other SPL clubs benefit from and are in some cases, actually reliant on this cash to make a difference.

With no Rangers in the SPL, the overall value of the league in monetary terms will be much lower, this could essentially see a decline in the standard of football due to players not wanting to come and teams not being able to fork out the wages.  Although Sky have said the SPL plays a part in its future, they haven’t said to what extent they will be putting their hands in their pockets.

Like it or not, from the position of the SPL (fans feelings aside), they need a club like Rangers who can compete year in year out. With the SPL getting one less Champions League place the season after next, the gap between Celtic and the rest could be growing wider than Jimmy Carr’s tax bill.


A conclusion?

It is impossible to say what is the “right” decision, and what is the “wrong” decision, personally I believe that they should not be allowed back, the new club should be treated as exactly that from the start.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter, without the childish fanboyism and propaganda anyway…