"How much am I getting paid again?"

QPR & Norwich – Apparently your season is over already

“How much am I getting paid again?”

So with 9 premier league games completed this weekend, we now know that Swansea and Fulham will be playing Champions League football next season, Totenham and Arsenal will finish mid table at best and Liverpool will be relegated.

Sorry Norwich and QPR fans, the number of points you will gain this season will not even be enough to get a driving ban, let alone stay in the Premier League next season.

Obviously, I am being facetious.  But reading through the media coverage of the weekend’s football, you would think that the season is in fact already over.

It drives me insane to see so many broad conclusions made from a single 90 minute match, played on probably the hottest day of the year.

Listening to a particular sports radio phone in last night, in 60 minutes the assembled “experts” convinced themselves that Arsene Wenger is now suddenly a terrible manager, that Rob Green is the worst goalkeeper ever to play in the premier league and that Michael Laudrup is the new Jose Mourinho.  Apparently Southampton are definitely going to finish in the top half and Norwich are definitely getting relegated.  All that based on one result.

Top scorer in the Premier League this season?

Let’s have a look back to the start of last season shall we?  Wolves won 2-1 away at Blackburn, and also won their second game of the season.  What happened to them – relegated.

Bolton won 4-0 away at QPR, what happened after that – oh yes Bolton were also relegated.  Swansea lost 4-0 at Man City and were roundly predicted to struggle but lo and behold they finished nowhere near the relegation zone.

The point is, no matter how your team performed this weekend, don’t get either too excited or too down.  If football has taught us anything over the last few years, it’s that it’s truly unpredictable, and you always get another chance.

That chance will come in just a few days time, after which I bet the “experts” will be predicting Norwich as future champions and Swansea for the drop!