Proposal to increase the Champions League to 64 teams? Might as well call it the European League.. oh wait..

The Champions League, that theme tune, we all love it.  My main gripe with the Champions League as it stands is that it is not in fact made up of Champions.  4th Place in the Prem? What is that a champion of? A champion of being “not good enough to challenge for the title”.

So the prospect of increasing the Champions League to 64 teams, meaning 7 teams from the English Premier League makes me wonder, what is the point?  Scrapping the Europa League to just throw them all into the Champions League is not the way forward, adjusting the negative views to it in this country should be a focus.  The team that finished 7th last season (Everton) finished a massive 33 points behind the eventual winners in Manchester City, so why should they be in the same competition to face the rest of the European Elite?

What are your thoughts on this? Would you welcome an increase in teams into the Champions League? Why do you think we view the Europa League as a “punishment” in England?

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