Apparently being a football fan gets you in trouble on a football show..

Rant: BBC apologise over MOTD2 comment, apparently some people have nothing better to do than complain.

You can understand the BBC wanting to apologise after Alan Pardew made his comments about a word that sounds like raking an opponent, it was a sensitive topic, but the latest offering is just laughable.

Colin Murray who hosts the light hearted highlights show on BBC2 (well past the watershed as well) was talking about the “headbutt” by Liverpool keeper Reina on the Newcastle defender James Perch.  Basically the two moved their heads together and Reina flinched towards Perchy, who then went down like David Haye had smashed him in the face with a glass.

Murray asked pundit Mark Lawrenson:[quote] “When you get sent off for that type of lame headbutt, do you regret not sticking the head in anyway?”[/quote]- I was sitting there watching the show at the time and remember thinking to myself “I bet there are some people who are going to complain about this”, I really hoped that I would be proved wrong and have my faith in the BBC viewers restored… apparently not.  There is no doubt it was a red card due to today’s rules, but that isn’t the issue. It wasn’t really a headbutt, and I would have liked to have seen Perch shown a second yellow card for play acting. (assuming the card he got was either for the attempted trip on Reina or the “getting involved” afterwards).

So well done the people who complained, you got your apology, and the Daily Mail who re-tweeted the comment, I’m not surprised by anything they do these days, the bunch of scaremongering shit-stirrers.

Apparently being a football fan gets you in trouble on a football show..
Why haven’t all you complainers moaned that you can hear the football fans in the crowd swearing? Maybe we could track these individuals down at great expense for calling the referee a “wanker”?  If you are offended by things, just stop watching, it takes less effort than starting your computer, getting the complaints email address, ranting, sending the email and then going on social networks to express your displeasure.

Anyway, rant over.  And if you want to complain about this blog post, you can email me