The right man for the job

Roy Hodgson – A better man for the job than Redknapp

The right man for the job

First of all, congratulations to the soon to be announced new England manager Roy Hodgson.  I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I think the FA have made absolutely the right decision.

Harry Redknapp’s almost inevitable succession to the England throne was knocked into touch when the FA announced that they are due to hold talks with current West Brom boss today.  Barring any hitches in negotiation, his appointment should become official within the next 48 hours.

Since Fabio Capello’s resignation back in February it has been almost embarrassing to watch the mainstream media fawn all over Harry Redknapp, as if he was the only choice, the only man capable of bringing pride back to the England shirt.

Anyone who thought that was clearly blinkered.  If you look at the stats logically Roy Hodgson is far more qualified for the job.

First of all, he has a proven track record in more than one country and has managed at international level before.  His first successes came in the Swedish league where he won five consecutive league titles.  He then moved to Switzerland before becoming manager of the Swiss national side.  He later also managed the national sides of Finland and the UAE.  He also went on to manage in Denmark, Norway and Italy before eventually returning to England (where he had a brief stint at Blackburn Rovers in the late 90’s) to manage Fulham, Liverpool and now West Brom.

Harry says he bears "No grudges"

Harry Redknapp has managed in just one country – England.

Surely to manage at International level you need some experience of international football and to have tested yourself in unfamiliar environments.  The most successful england managers of recent times (Terry Venables and Bobby Robson) both had spells managing the mighty Barcelona.

Roy Hodgson has won 11 major honours as a manager.  Harry Redknapp has won just 1.  Roy Hodgson has never been accused of financial wrongdoing.  Harry, well we all know that story.

Harry’s record since joining Tottenham has been impressive, but he’s not had the constraints placed upon him that other clubs have.

Since 2006, only Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have a higher net transfer spend per season than Tottenham.  When you compare that to Roy Hodgson’s brief spell at Liverpool where his biggest signing was the free transfer of Joe Cole, it makes you wonder how Harry would have managed in the same situation.

I’ve no doubt that had Roy been given the financial backing that Kenny Dalglish has received this season then he would have delivered at least the same level of success.

Harry is famed as a great coach and man-manager by the press, but if you asked Roman “Just go out there and run around a bit” Pavlyuchenko and Darren “my missus could of scored that” Bent what they think of him, what would they say?

For Roy Hodgson, it represents a great challenge and an opportunity to make an immediate impact.  He will have only a short time to pick his squad and work with the players before Euro 2012 kicks off in less than two months time.

He will also only have a short time to acclimatise to the additional attention and pressure that being England manager brings.  Should things not start well, both him and the FA will come under immense scrutiny.  It has been reported that Hodgson will sign a 3 tournament deal, which seems staggering  – while we don’t know what his salary will be  you wonder when the FA will learn their lesson?

The FA have had to pay millions to former managers in compensation after awarding them ridiculously long and lucrative contracts.  They surely could have invested this money in other areas with more sensible financial planning.  Burton anyone?  Video technology?

Whatever happens in Poland and Ukraine this summer, the FA have done something right at last.  They have appointed the best man for the job.